5 Things To On The Internet – Part 2

Hey there readers! We’re back again to offer you more fun and interesting stuff to do on the InterNetwork! But before we start off this part, consisting of 5 items, make sure to check out the previous, part 1 by clicking here. (It opens in a new window, so you won’t lose this one). So without delaying any longer, here is out number 5

5. Death Clock

Visit this nifty website and enter some basic information, such as your date of birth and habits to get an estimate of long you should live, considering you don’t get into any accidents. Though this is quite distant from whats going to happen, its still quite fun to compare your results with friends and family members.

4. Font Bomb

Font Bomb is a website which allows you to ‘blow up’ any text on any website. To test this on their own website, just click anywhere, and a short timer will appear. Once its over the text surrounding it will scatter. To do this on any other website, simply drag and drop the provided link (on their website) to your Bookmarks Bar (favorites). Then click it on any website an let the blowing commence!

3. SimpleCPU

SimpleCPU is for those of you who aren’t familiar with the basics of computer programming, or how they work. This website uses simple terminologies, and explains some of the basic topics (such as the logic gates) in layman’s terms. It is a great website if you want to brush up your computer software skills or are trying to give example to your kid.

2. Internet Arcade

This one is mostly for old school gamers. If you remember going to the arcade and tossing some coins in to play a game, then get ready for some nostalgia. The Internet Arcade allows you to play arcade games from back in the 70’s to the 90’s. Get ready to smash some buttons, because all of them are completely free and run in your browser.

1. Chill

Once you’re done with all that gaming, predicting the future, learning and blasting fonts, it’s time to relax, take a deep breath and visit Chill.com. That website does absolutely nothing, so once you’re there, trigger full-screen mode by tapping F11 and then just sit there for a minute, thinking about what you’ve been doing all yourr life. Then once you’re back and motivated, share this list with your friends and leave a comment below!

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