6 Mind-Blowing Technologies That Will Shake the World This 2020

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Do you think 2019 is the peak of technology? Well, please think again because, in 2020, there will be a lot of new technology that will impact the world. As everything is magnified and everyone wants a solution to every problem, we lean on technology in order to make our lives more convenient and to devices to make jobs more straightforward for us. Thus, in this manner, we become entirely dependent on technology.

One thing is certain this 2020, technology will surround us, and it would be more mind-blowing and startling at the same time. It will become a part of our lives. A portion of our house, a television where we stream series and movies, or a crucial component of cars as it leads the way and has safety features or an accessory of our body. Whatever it is, it is evident that our lives are being run by technology.

As we enter into the new start of the year—a new decade, what will likely happen is that the technology will evolve and developed into much more better and become more interesting than it was before. So, if you are a sucker for anything related to technology. Here are some of the mind-numbing and fresh pieces of technology that you need in your life.


Do you like Airpods? If yes, well, that great for you. If not, the Echobeat is high quality and a top tier wireless earphones. The thing about it is, it is more affordable than Airpods. It looks like Apple Airpod has got some competition. It is the latest generation of wireless earphones that Silicon Valley will release.

Apple Watch 5

Do you think Apple would go down this 2020 without a fight? Apple Watch 5 is the most anticipated Smartwatches in 2020. Apple may not be giving you mens automatic skeleton kind of aura, but one thing is for sure, Apple never disappoints. Apple will not just leave your mouth agape but keep you awestruck as they keep releasing tremendous and shocking things every year.

And they will not be coming just to play this 2020. Apple just cements themselves as the bestselling smartwatches all over the world. And with the release of Apple Wart 5 that includes so many features. It is an underrated thing to say that they start the year with a bang. They know what their audience wants, and Apple is continually satisfying their customers and offering them a little extra.

SonicX Pro

Brushing your teeth is the most mundane thing humans do, but do you find it hard to properly brush your teeth as your toothbrush cannot reach the depths of your teeth? Dental problems can cost you tons of hard-earned money, and not having your teeth fixed might impact your life big time. In order to avoid these circumstances, the SonicX Pro will beat all the bacteria out of your mouth as this device is 100 times more powerful than those present in the market.


Do you dream of owning a flying object that has a camera in it? The DroneX might have heard your dreams as in 2020. They will release a new mini-drone. This drone would be perfect for those who are still starting to get a bearing in the drone world. Thus, it is much cheaper, and it is proportioned in the likes of an average-sized smartphone.


Are you getting sick and tired of mosquitoes lingering around you? Buzzing in your ear, sucking your blood, and leaving itchy bite marks in your skin? Then, this non-toxic mosquito trap will be something that you should behold. This mosquito tron can eradicate the teensy tiny flying devil, and this anti-pest device will keep your loved ones safe and sound.


Do you have an old laptop or a PC that took so long to load and is always lagging? Why not give Xtra-PC a go. This device is composed of a USB drive that holds a super-fast operating system that is based on Linux and can totally bypass your sluggish computer. All you have to do is insert the drive into the USB port. Then restart your computer after that you are all set.


Technology has led us to the most significant feats and advantages as its usefulness continues to grow and can be applied in different fields. Whether in education, society, culture, communication, and even in politics. It gives us better facilities, breakthroughs and changed our lives forever.

Technology becomes the blood that runs in our bodies. We couldn’t even communicate properly or have a face to face conversation without glancing at our phone every minute. And that has become the daily venture, we woke up and checked up on notifications and messages and proceed to stare at a computer screen at work for the whole day. We cannot deny the impact of technology, but sometimes it is great to do something mundane, just all by yourself doing things without technology.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.