7 Tech Gadgets To Simplify Your Life

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

Our lives have become a cakewalk since the invention of each device in-hand or around us. With the advancement in technology, a new gadget in the market is buzzed about for bringing more ease and comfort to human. Tech gadgets have taken away our monotonous and laborious burden away while doing the best to let us sit back and enjoy, quite literally. Besides the workout technology that has taken an important role in our life, you might be interested to check out also these 7 gadgets.

But is every gadget worth the investment? Deciding upon which gadget to choose and bring home for good is a tricky choice to make considering the plethora of options available and the resemblance of features along with quality detailing. To make it further easy for you, we have shortlisted 7 best tech gadgets that can change your life for the best. Take a run through them,

  1. IRIS smart home management system

Nothing could be better than a gadget that ensures the safety of your loved ones and valuables at the same time. IRIS home management system not only keeps an eye on each indoor activity of the premises but can also be connected with the electronic appliances and wiring of the place to control the temperature, usage of appliances and devices, locks and safeguard the house at each possible and fathomable front. The device also detects the possibilities of natural calamities, if any, and warns the in-house members at the earliest.


IRIS home management system is a great buy for every one since it is not only the working professionals that needs a guard to double check if any resource wastage is being caused or the house id properly locked or not, but also the domestic homemakers that gets occupied with the pile of work who might have a slip of thought to turn off the lights or others appliances.

  1. Witricity

There has been a whole lot of debates and discussions about renewable and no renewable resources to be used. In the promotion and maintenance of the concept of sustainable development, there have been exceptionally developed devices and gadgets. One of such device is name Witricity.


It is a gadget which when installed in a wall transfers the electricity from the air and powers the electrical appliances around it. With the witricity tool installed, one does not need any chords or wires. In short witricity is a wireless electricity port. This device is definite to be loved by each who has countless chargers and devices.

  1. Bluesmart travel luggage

Are you too a travel freak and love to grab each opportunity that you come across? Then bluesmart travel luggage is for you. With astounding features like locking and unlocking your luggage through your phone, Bluesmart is the go-to choice for travellers. One can also seal the bag from wherever you are.


The bag is also installed with a GPS chip. This makes it even easier for travellers to make sure they can track the location of their valuables or anything in the luggage and enjoy carefree! So next time travel is on your list, make sure you have Bluesmart luggage by your side.

  1. Smart Mat

Who else is a fitness freak like most these days? And this time, the tech help is for the yoga enthusiast. Yes! SmartMat is a flexible and foldable usual mat with piezoelectric sensors that tracks the weight, height and limb movement of the yogi and helps them perform better yoga to draw maximum benefits of the exercise. The smartmat can be connected with the phone via Bluetooth and a free smartmat app. One can also be notified with the progress and further intensity level to be followed.


Smart mat also makes it easier for working professionals who are at short of time to make their home a yoga class and be on track to stay healthy and fit.

  1. Primera trio all in one printer

Are you a business traveller who needs to stay updated with hard copies of important documents even while on the go? Then this printer is just for you as it has got the features like scanning, copying and printing as well.


The printer is air-like in weight and compact that makes it possible to carry just anywhere. The printer also has a capability of working without power, on battery. So, invest in it today and say goodbye to those ‘looking for a print shop’ moments to stay professional and quick.

  1. Portable battery charger

A portable battery charger is on the list and possession of each and every smart phone users these days. We all have seen how the battery of todays advanced phones drain so quickly and so to keep us with the flow for work, entertainment, safety and more, portable battery charger are a life saver.


There are various brands available in the market to choose from for each range and kind of phone. Portable chargers have made our lives easier like no other electronic device.

  1. Website development tools

With the growth of business and transition of work methodology, it has become important to own a website for the purpose of business generation (conversion), marketing, promotion, brand awareness and identity creation. And, to cater to every class, developing a website and making it go live with minimal investment has been now made possible.


At first you have to purchase a domain name and then host it. Hosting sometimes can cost some bucks but fortunately there are many websites that offer hosting coupons with discounts up to 60%. And as these hosting coupons help you rent or purchase the hosting domain to assure that your passion and business is assisted.

Website development is an essential and there are countless number of tech tools and apps that offer easy coding, language breakers, fonts, icons, tested and proven R&D and more. These apps such as proto.io, Fontello, Dreamweaver CS6, Cloud9 IDE, Breakers etc are filled with exceptional and phenomenal web development helping tools, mostly for free. These apps are a boon for people with the web development needs and make their work a child’s play.

So get going and invest in these tech gadgets today and upgrade your collection!!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.