8 Days of Gadgets Flash Sale over at Gearbest


Gearbest is having an 8 day flash sale on some great gadgets that range from headphones to smartwatches and more. from March 8th until March 15. The Vidonn X6S Smart Watch Detachable Dial Wristband for only $26.99 is one deal example. But you can also get Action cams, like the W9C 1080p action cam for only $32.99 during the sale period too!

Headphones, earbuds and other listening devices are also in abundant supply during the flash sale.  Whether you want headphones for listening to music, or headsets for long phone calls you can find something that should fit your needs.  You also will find various Bluetooth accessory items and gaming items, like several Bluetooth controllers that allow you to game on Android or iOS devices.  The 8Bitdo NES30 Pro Wireless Bluetooth Game Controller is just one example of a wireless controller for gaming on the go.

Wireless IP Security Cameras, USB LED lights and lamps, power strips and so much more can be found on this amazing 8 day flash sale.  Check out the Fab Flash Sale over at Gearbest.com where you get some great prices on gadgets as well as have free worldwide shipping.

Here is a video showcasing the sale as well!

What products interest you at the Flash Sale?  Let us know what type of products you have purchased or are considering purchasing from Gearbest too!  You want us to review a Gearbest product?  Leave a comment and we can always take requests for products to review as well.

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