How To Add Motion Effects To Boost Mobile App Usability

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Motion graphics add an appealing flare within the interface and outlook of any mobile app. It never fails to amuse viewers. Don’t you like to see little figures moving across the screen like live creatures guiding and instructing you about the procedures and process involved in the app? From their colors to their smooth transition, everything seems to engage us. Using motion graphics is a productive manner of building a strong relationship with your customers. Motion graphics add a connectivity of users with the app. It enhances the level of interest and helps marketers generate huge outcomes as well.

Reason For Adding Motion Effects In A Mobile App

Apart from the interesting benefits, there is one basic reason that highlights its effectiveness. The motion effects boost and enhance the usability of a mobile app. It influences the way a target user appreciates an app.

It enhances clarity, helps to provide proper feedback to customers, connects users with the app; reinforces the element hierarchy, enables marketers to use the screen in a much more imaginative manner.

In addition, motion graphics helps to direct the attention of users. The smooth navigation and the way each affects is used to educate users to give a real boost to the overall performance of the application.

Now let’s discover some fun-filled ways in which a UI animation can create a big difference and engage users with its fascinating features. Here is a list of top ten ways to incorporate motion graphics in your mobile app. Check it out below:

Mobile App Usability Tip #1: Pull Down Experience

At present every marketer, designed or developer keep a keen focus on sustaining user’s attention. As the attention span of users— whether an internet user or a mobile app user— is shrinking at a much faster rate. Therefore, it becomes imperative to develop such strategies that can hold their attention and engage them for longer.

To achieve this goal, the pull-down experiences can help you grab your target user’s attention more efficiently. Animation can entice users as the next page gets loaded. For Instance, in many fitness related app, a small walking animation is designed to engage viewers and to remind them of the purpose that app serves.

Mobile App Usability Tip #2: Engaging Onboarding

How you have heard the phrase “First Impression is the Last Impression”

Similar to this notion, the feature to engage the onboarding experience of the app can help you generate appreciable outcomes. Keep your interface interactive and make the onboarding experience an amazing one. If it is a communication app, you can add compelling graphics to hold the attention and convince them that they have made the right decision to download your app. From captivating leading lines to enticing motion graphics from the start until the end, everything should be interesting and interactive.

Mobile App Usability Tip #3: Excellent Loading Experience

A slow loading app tends to increase bounce rate while a faster interface increases the rate of retention. However, huge apps do take sometimes to be fully loaded no matter how expert their backend server is. To avoid such an awful pause you can add a motion effect that can motivate users to focus on other elements during the time the other page is loaded. The delightful animation can serve you a trick to grab their sustainability.

Mobile App Usability Tip #4: Entertaining App Walkthroughs

Remember every delightful little step you take convince users about the expertness, superiority, and professionalism of your app. The captivating app walkthroughs must be designed to educate users slowly and steadily. Keep the momentum at an average speed and make the layout as interesting as possible. From cool color, themes to eye-popping graphics, smooth and flawless transition to precise procedure every inch of your walkthrough must entertain users.

Mobile App Usability Tip #5: Interactive Tutorials

Apps that involves money must incorporate an interactive overview of the complicated procedures involved. Most users feel anxious about following the payment procedures or finds trouble understanding the procedure; they require tutorials to guide. An animated tutorial with moving graphics is better than written tutorials. With animation, you can conveniently deliver your message across and it becomes easier to grasp as well. Interactive tutorials can add credibility and authenticity in your app while building up trust among your customers.

Mobile App Usability Tip #6: Excellent Transition

What could be better than creating such transition that a user feels completely connected while moving between the different pages? With animation, you can create a smooth transition between multiple options. In addition, it helps to provide a clear interface to app users without any confusing or complicated visualizations.

Mobile App Usability Tip #7: Dynamic News Feed

An interesting motion graphic can help you organize the plethora of information of your app in a much more appealing manner. The news feed, in particular, can be organized in a way that it shows a header of every news or update and by clicking, it pops up the complete window. You have to design the entire interface of your app in a way that it entertains a user and motivates him or her to travel the inner pages as well.

Mobile App Usability Final Thoughts

Animation makes the mobile experience more than just machines completing your important tasks. It makes your users do every sort of activity in a more appealing manner. The smart effects encourage and motivate them to discover more of your application. However, it is recommended to first go through the guidelines of IOS or Android, depending upon the type of platform you have chosen, to know about the ways you can blend motion graphics in your UX design. Check the official documentation to learn about the scope of every effect and the power of its effectiveness. There are several ways to make your annoying or tedious app into an ultra-amazing like those mentioned above.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.