Sound System Adhesive Speaker a Fun Find at Walgreens

A little while back, I purchased a small odd looking speaker from Walgreen’s. The packaging simply read, Sound System. Sadly, I neglected to save the packaging, and I cannot find the company or the product on the web anywhere. It sold for only $10.00 and I figured for that price, I couldn’t go too wrong.


I was shocked and surprised at the sound. It was great. Not awesome, but great. I stuck the half dollar sized speaker on everything. Some things like a DVD does pretty good at transmitting sound. The table top, not so much. The best item I used to magnify the sound was a 1 qt. Drink cup with lid. Nice base sound from that one.

The above picture is not from the one I purchased, however, it is nearly identical to the one I bought. I found these on Ebay for $22.95 and to be honest, it looks like the same thing, just a bit more expensive.

I recommend checking out your local Walgreen’s if you want to see if they have the lower priced ones still available. Oh, and just a note, I previously purchased one of the speaker bomb things with the little face on it, and tried using it in my van from my kindle. I could not hear it when on the open road doing 75, but this little speaker was loud and clear.

Note, if anyone finds the actual brand name for this adhesive speaker system please leave a comment for others to know and I will update articles.

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