Android Game: The Age of Warcraft


This game is an online MMORPG. It has a fairly large following, at well over 500,000 downloads. It boasts thousands of pieces of equipment available and near endless dungeon exploring action. You can play it alone, or as a part of a group.


I am not sure why they chose the name “The Age of Warcraft”, as it has nothing to do with the other very popular online game with a similar name (probably to just grab attention). To me this looks kind of like another online game called Rune Quest, only a bit more colorful, and with chunkier characters. What ever the name, it definitely looks like a neat game.

I did have a few times when it said I did not have enough room on my drive to run it, and it is a fairly good sized download. To me, and this is just me mind you, I found the screen to be too busy. I wasn’t too sure where to go or what to do. There seemed to be just too many choices and not enough direction.

Don’t let my feelings on this game stop you from trying it out. In fact, I want you to give it a try and share your thought on it with me and others. I enjoy reading your views on what I post.

Having said that, The Age of Warcraft looks like a full exciting graphically rich game that will be sure to provide many hours of fun.

You can get The Age of Warcraft from the Google Play store here.

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