What to Know About Anker Nebula Apollo Wi-Fi Mini Projector

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Anker Nebula Apollo, Wi-Fi Mini Projector: 7 High-end Features that are Making The World Go wow about the latest release!

The Anker Nebula Apollo is one of the most advanced latest projectors in the world today made by Anker, a well-known brand across the globe in the mobile accessories industry. Its cutting-edge technology and impressive features have made it a must-have for many people. This mini projector has been designed to be compact, powerful, and light enough to carry around with you. You can take it with you on vacation or even just use it at home to watch movies with your family.

The company has been releasing high-quality products every year for a while now, and this time around they are back with an amazing mini projector that will surely make you fall in love with it.

Here are some of its features that make it stand out from the rest:

  • High-Quality Visuals

With the latest mini projector, users can now experience remarkable audiovisual clarity on the go on a 200 ANSI true brightness. Whether indoor or outdoor, daytime or nighttime, the Anker Nebula Apollo offers an impressive display quality with vivid colors and sharp images. The projector can project visuals up to 200ANSI at a contrast ratio of 1,000:1 with a resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels, making it ideal for watching your favorite movies or playing games on large screens any time of the day.

  • Multiple Screen-sizes

Go big on entertainment. The Anker Nebula Apollo Wifi Mini Projector comes with a multiple screen size feature that allows you to expand your big screen while watching your favorite TV show at home from 40, 80, to 100 for unique entertainment experiences anytime, any day, and easily adjustable.

  • Compact design and all-day playtime

Get a touch of boundless entertainment on your family bonding vacations and happy holiday hours. Enjoy incredible mornings with kids watching cartoons, and grab tips on how to make grandma’s sweet-flavored pies. Burst through evening family shows, movies, sports, and high-definition games with friends and family.

The new Anker Apollo Wifi mini projector comes in durable and compact sizes suitable for all family playtime compared to other projectors available in the market today. The Anker Apollo mini projector weighs less than a pound which makes it easy to carry around anywhere you go. You can even fit this mini projector inside your backpack.

  • Wi-Fi Enabled

Be in every moment with friends watching your favorite sports matches. Enjoy a new wave of endless entertainment. The new Anker Apollo mini projector has built-in Wi-Fi connectivity which allows you to connect with your smartphone or tablet and stream multiple content directly from Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, and other online sources right on your walls through Miracast, Bluetooth, or Airplay. You can also mirror your Android device’s screen through USB devices or HDMI so that you can watch movies on your bed without having to carry around heavy laptops or tablets.

  • Seamless Touch Panel

Find the power to change how you feel. Enjoy pixel-perfect control of your entertainment using the mouse mode or by sliding your fingers across the transparent touch panel.

The new Anker Apollo Wifi mini projector emerges with highly interactive touch control features that give you the power to change everything.

  • Expand your sound

Go above the vibrant sight and exclusive shimmers. Capture the sound of the cinema as well. The new Apollo mini projector comes with a pairable inbuilt speaker to help you unleash powerful and immersive audios and sounds of your favorite movies, song videos, RPG games, and sports actions on the spot through the use of Bluetooth.

  • App control

Make all the actions happen on your mini projector right from your phone. Download the Nebula Connect app on Appstore or Google Play Store, connect with your Apollo projector from your mobile phone, give commands, initialize settings and gain control of all the activities around your entertainment.

The Anker Nebula Apollo is a must-have, small, powerful, and easy-to-use Wi-Fi mini projector that will be your perfect companion when you need to share your favorite movies and TV shows with your friends and family anywhere.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.