Another Redragon Impact MMO Gaming Mouse Giveaway

It is no surprise that the Redragon Impact MMO Gaming Mouse is among my favorite mice for the price, the mouse features 12 thumb buttons, adjustable weights and is generally one of the best mice for playing MMO games or games where you need to potentially assign 12 hotkeys to your thumb.  This is my go-to mouse for Elite: Dangerous where I use 50+ key bindings and can handle most of the important ones with my mouse alone too.  The mouse does come with the Impact software (ironic it is the same name as the mouse itself) and the Impact software does allow you to create macro’s and customize each button, DPI…etc.  I will say there are some limitations to the Macro software as it cannot perform functions like “run macro until I release” and some other but for the most part if you macro is just a series of press/release of keys then this will work for most simple macro functions, it just cycles through the entire macro at each button press to trigger the macro.

I created a few video’s about this mouse and the software and where to get Redragon Mice Software in general as it is sometimes hard to find their drivers, note that you have to download the specific software for your Redragon Mouse version, it isn’t one software detects all.

Redragon Impact MMO Mouse Review

Redragon Impact Software

How to Get Redragon Drivers


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Redragon Impact MMO Gaming Mouse Giveaway

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