Auckly Fast Wireless Qi Charger with Cooling Fan for Quick Charge Phones

If you happen to have a smartphone that supports Qi Wireless charging you may want to leverage the convenience of a charging pad or stand that allows you to just set your device down and have it start charging without dealing with having to plug and unplug the Smartphone in each time.  So mostly I have reviewed flat wireless pads before and one other Qi compatible charging stand but this is the first time I have reviewed a charging stand with a built in cooling fan in the back which runs to help siphon heat away from your smartphone so it cools down and subsequently charges faster when not as hot.

What’s In The Box for the Auckly Qi Wireless Fast Charging Stand

1 x Auckly fast wireless charger stand
1 x USB Power Cable (not including the AC adapter)
1 x User Manual.

The .7-watt fan actually not only serves the purpose to cool the device but adds a little extra bulk and weight to the back of the stand to help steady it and make it more sturdy and less prone to falling if you are a little less than gentle when setting your phone on the charging stand.

So this Qi Charging Pad does support faster wireless charging and has 2 coils, because if this you will want to take advantage of the QC 2.0 charging and use an AC power outlet USB or a USB port that supports fast charging, it is not recommended to use your computer USB port or a plain USB hub to power the fan, you want something that can output the QC 2.0 quick charge so that it can pass that along to the charging pad.  This is how QC 2.0 compatible devices will charge faster wirelessly than any other wireless chargers I have tried.

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Justin Germino
Justin Germino
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