Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality Move into Online Casinos

Software developers are always keen to take advantage of new advances and of course once something proves popular with the general public it makes good business sense to incorporate it if you can. NetEnt is one of the largest software houses in the world of online casinos and as explains they are leading the charge in Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality.

Virtual Reality

Like all things new, when it first came to market VR was clunky and not easy to use. Headsets were bulky, and the graphics left a lot to be desired. However as advancements were made and technology streamlined VR headsets became smaller and lighter, meaning they could easily be used at home. Google Cardboard being the first, well cardboard VR headset that turns a mobile phone into a pure gaming experience in moments. This has appealed to the developers at NetEnt as they realised how popular their games would be if players were transported to the hallowed halls of a casino in Vegas. While we have not reached that dizzying height quite yet, they have taken a small foray into the world of VR with their popular slot game Gonzo’s Quest. The rumour is they have plenty more plans in development, and we suspect they will not stop until the whole online gaming experience is as close to the real deal as possible.

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Augmented Reality

The first augmented reality game to really make an impact on the gaming world was Pokemon Go, and this enabled users to get out and about and have their characters appearing ‘live’ in their surroundings. Now, of course, this is something that is going to appeal to the casino software giants as they can bring the virtual casino experience into the living room of their players. While this is yet to become a reality the suggestion is that users will need glasses and gloves to bring the experience to life, and we are sure that with the current excitement over AR it will not be long before the developers manage to crack this one and add another layer of appealability to the online casino environment.

Skill-Based Games

Casino games are primarily known to be games of chance, with a few exceptions like poker where bluff is used to create the illusion of skill. However, in the next generation of enhanced reality games, there is every chance that games will be based not just on the luck of the draw alone, but on various skills that the players can use to win extra money or score more points. Again the nature of these and exactly how they will work is still unclear at this stage but suffice to say that if the gamers want it, the software companies are going to do their best to deliver it. With other rivals not just NetEnt on the case it is undoubtedly going to be a race to the finish line, and we can expect to see results very soon.

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