Beexcellent GM-20 Gaming Headset Failed Review

Normally I can get through a complete product review to give my honest opinion on whether a product meets my expections or when it doesn’t, but in this product case the product didn’t survive to even complete a review so this is a buyer beware for the Beexcellent GM-20 Gaming Headset.  I will say however that having mic problems on headsets is not uncommon in the lower end price point of headsets and many have complained about the mic not working on the Kotion Each G2000 and other Kotion Each as well as some Sades headsets, so make sure you keep your receipts and known your return policy on anything you purchase, especially if it is a low cost product including gaming headsets that are cheap.

Here is the video showcasing the mic fail on the Beexcellent GM-20 Gaming Headset

Note the headset portion of the GM-20 worked fine, and sounded fair with everything from PC gaming, Console gaming and mobile gaming.  I didn’t check the mic until after I did all audio and sound checking so was disappointed in the mic in every way.  Even if the mic was working fine, I don’t like the rubberized mic wand which never stayed where you tried to bend it and just wasn’t really high quality. Combine that with the headband being plastic and easy to potentially crack, I can say skip these type of headbands and go for the headsets that have the leather strap adjusting headband with the plastic poles above it for a dual headband for comfort and support.

Here were some pictures I took of me testing the headset, which was all around in the mediocre range and would have probably been a decent budget gaming headset if not for the mic problem.  I gave the brand an option to send me a replacement unit which they chose not to do.  As the product was provided to me it wasn’t just something I could return and order another replacement and get my money back.

So I don’t recommend the Beexcellent GM-20 Gaming Headset due to this issue and even though the Amazon product page had mostly high ratings, the product was unavailable to purchase from Amazon at the time of this review so maybe they pulled the product line.

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