12 Best Apps for Tracking Your Health

It’s been said that the hardest part of going to the gym is going to the gym, meaning that physically getting up and driving to the gym is what takes the most motivation. Of course, driving your car is a lot easier than working out, but the saying represents people’s inclination to stay on the couch.

Once you’re at the gym, it’s easier to do what needs to be done. Not to mention that your mood will improve as you exercise. But finding the inspiration to get up, get dressed, and go is the most difficult. Most Americans lead busy lifestyles, so making time to go to the gym or cook healthy meals can be difficult.

What if you could work out without having to leave your house? What if you could get access to helpful diet and exercise information without spending hundreds of dollars on professional nutritionists and trainers? And what if you could get various workouts right on your smartphone so you don’t have to guess what to do?

With fitness apps, you can do all of those things. If you’re not sure where to start, check out this fun and insightful infographic from Bestow featuring the 12 best apps for tracking your health.


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