BESTEK 8-Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip Review

You wouldn’t believe how many power strips I have in my house, when I last counted it was 4 for every room of my house except my kitchen.  I have used various power strips over the years and lately the most valuable ones are not only power strips with A/C power outlets but ones that also include USB charging ports so you can combine the best features of a power strip with a USB charger.  The BESTEK 8 Outlet Power Strip with 4 USB Ports was sent to me to do a review and compare against previous power strips I have reviewed and I have to say it is an excellent product for the price.

I like that the power strip has 8 A/C ports and that 2 of the ports have a wide enough gap from the others that they accommodate those AC cord with big transformer heads at the plug end.  The BESTEK Power Strip also sports 4 USB ports with 1 auto-sensing that can range from 1.0 to 2.4A output so you can charge mobile devices right from your BESTEK power strip. There are also covers for the USB plugs but they cover the USB ports in pairs.  This power strip has and integrated circuit breaker and a power switch. As far as the surge protection, it doesn’t say on the product but brand says it is 1400J surge protection officially. The power strip also includes mounting holes so you can secure the surge protector to walls or baseboards.

Here is a full video review of the BESTEK 8 Outlet Power Strip with 4 USB Ports

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