Big Hero 6 is an upcoming Walt Disney animated comedy and super hero children’s film inspired by a Marvel Comic of the same name first appearing in 1998. The first trailer of this 2014 film was released on 22nd May 2014. You can check it out below.

The movie is significantly different from the comic book. Mostly the design of the characters has been changed and a few names here and there, for example from Fredzilla to simply Fred.

The film revolves around the kid inventor named Hiro Hamada, he needs to stop an Evil dude who’s trying to destroy Hiro’s city, San Fransokyo. In order to achieve this he creates a team of 6 ‘super heroes’. Hiro along with a robot named Baymax tries to first gather a team. Baymax however was not designed to be a fighting robot, therefore he first has to go through a series of  ‘upgrades’.

Hiro has an elder brother named Tadashi, his brother always looks out for him. He is the one who programmed and created the caring robot Baymax. Eventually Hiro gathers his friends to create Big Hero 6. This team includes people like Fred, who had no direction before joining this mission, but eventually play an important role in fighting the evil which is destroying their city. The other members include the chemistry whiz, Honey Lemon and the precision martial artist called Wasabi. They are further accompanied by Go Go Tomago who is, as is implied by the name, a fast paced fighter and she uses Maglev discs as wheels, shields and throwing weapons.

The movie is set to be released on 7th November 2014. Its going to be voiced by people like Maya Rudolph, Damon Wayans Jr., T.J. Miller, and Alan Tudyk. So you better be ready for an action packed movie.

Personally, I strongly believe that Big Hero 6 might not be as big of a success as Frozen was, the previous Walt Disney Animated movie. However, that can not stop this super hero action packed movie from keeping the minds occupied of youngsters. It is also extremely likely that we will eventually get a squeal. No one can predict precisely if a movie will be a success or not, unless we know exactly what the plot details are and how the movie was animated and who voiced the characters and how they voiced them. After all that, even a cheap and poorly written movie can get famous exactly because of the factors that made it fail in the first place. Long story short, from the minor details that we have of this film we can be sure that this is most likely not going to be a disappointment, this could even be a bigger success than Frozen if it crosses our expectations.

What do you think about Big Hero 6? Will it be a success or not? Will you be watching it?

Image Sources: Disney Blog

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