ROBLOX Unveils Android Version of Award Winning Game Creation Platform

SAN FRANCISCO, July 16, 2014 /PRNewswire/ — ROBLOX, the Internet’s largest user-powered game creation, development, and gameplay platform, today announced the launch of ROBLOX Mobile for Android. Released initially in the Google Play marketplace, the newest version of the ROBLOX platform is free to play, bringing with it a cross-platform user base of over 60 million players across multiple operating systems (PC, Mac, and iOS).


The Android version of ROBLOX Mobile allows users to play, interact, and chat with friends using the world’s most popular mobile operating system. They can interact with other players on desktop or mobile, regardless of operating system, tapping into an engaged global community. The new app will receive regular updates, and gives players access to Android-exclusive virtual items, as well as ROBUX (the ROBLOX virtual currency), and Builder’s Club membership – all available for purchase with Google Play Store gift cards or traditional payment methods.

“We’re excited to bring the expansive world of ROBLOX to Android users around the world,” said David Baszucki, CEO, ROBLOX. “Unleashing our platform on one of the largest and most diverse mobile markets in existence is another step in the evolution of our platform to bring innovative digital experiences to new users, while opening up a vast library of gaming and development options to a previously untapped audience.”

ROBLOX gives game creators access to user-friendly scripting and development tools, allowing them to create engaging games in nearly any genre. Multiplayer capability, gameplay physics, social interaction, hosting, moderation, and more are handled by ROBLOX’s cloud-based system. The platform’s Android iteration will expand ROBLOX’s global userbase, opening the floodgates for even more developers to benefit from the platform’s Developer Exchange Program. Known as DevEx, the program allows developers to generate income by exchanging virtual currency earned from their ROBLOX games for cash. The more players a game has, the more it can earn. To date, the program has resulted in over $315,000 in payouts to creators looking to turn casual fun into college funds and new businesses.

With millions of young gamers around the globe, ROBLOX offers players no shortage of entertaining choices – from adventure and role playing games, to battle arenas and first person shooters – catering to casual and hardcore gamers alike. For more information on ROBLOX, please visit

On ROBLOX, you make the game. ROBLOX is the largest user-powered content site in online games and the #1 entertainment site for kids and teens (comScore) with more than 3 billion page views and 60 million total engagement hours each month. ROBLOX gives players powerful tools to make and share fantastic games. With an expanding arsenal of development features and an engaged and growing global player base, ROBLOX gives players the fuel to launch into indie game development.


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