Best Blog Commenting Strategy: Plan Your Comments

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

Blog commenting is a simple activity, but when you have certain objectives in mind it is better to plan your comments in order to save time and effort while maximizing the returns. Based on the most common objectives behind blog commenting, we shall see how to achieve the desired targets in the shortest possible time-span.

Objective: Search Engine Optimization – Building High Quality Backlinks Through Comments


1. Make a list of dofollow blogs  in the same niche/category as your blog.

2. Sort the pages by domain name and then by pagerank.

3. Comment on 2-3 different posts on 3-4 different blogs each day going from pages with highest pagerank to lowest.

4. Try to cover as many different blogs as possible to stabilize the backlinks. This way fluctuations in pagerank of a particular blog wouldn’t affect your overall backlink structure much.

5. Since the “nofollow”-“dofollow” pagerank value transfer debate is still on, it is wise to comment on high PR blogs even if they are nofollow.

6. Try to focus more on CommentLuv and KeywordLuv blogs since the value of a backlink greatly depends on the anchor text.

 Objective: Drive Consistent Traffic From Blog Comments


1. Make a list of the most popular blogs in your niche/category sorted by Alexa Rank.

2. Since Alexa Rank usually indicates how popular a blog is, start leaving good quality comments of 50-100 words  each on the most popular blogs.

3. Since your only objective is to drive visitors to your own blog/website, it doesn’t matter whether the blog you are commenting on is dofollow or nofollow!

4.In order to gain the trust of the other blogs’ visitors, you need to leave useful comments on a regular basis. This way you will gradually become a respected member of the blogs’ communities.

5. Always leave comments with your name as the anchor text, since the readers on the other blogs would trust you more as a person interacting personally with them rather than when you project yourself as a person only looking to promote his/her own site!

6. Don’t bother leaving comments on blog posts where there are already more than 25-30 comments. Yours might not even get noticed.

Objective: Get Ideas For New Posts


1. Make a list of blogs which publish unique content, and where people ask for and receive help on the topic of the post.

2. Sort the list by the average number of comments on each post. Higher the number of comments greater the participation of the community.

3. Go for blogs which are considered to be authorities in their categories. Such blogs usually attract an active crowd of readers who ask doubts, suggest improvements and new ideas.

Objective: Just for interaction, with no other objectives.


1. Make a list of blogs in your niche/category where the blog owner/author and other readers respond adequately to the comments. Even though you just want to interact with the blog’s owner and readers, without any thought for backlinks or traffic, you wouldn’t want to leave comments on blogs where there are no replies to the comments.

2. Usually a nofollow blog with a very large number of comments indicates a highly interactive readership community, where people might love to get new opinions and suggestions. Try to be among the first few to comment on the posts in order to receive maximum attention.

Please share with us any other objectives/strategies about blog commenting that come to mind!

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.