Drones Used To Inspect Electrical Lines and Towers

Surveying and maintenance of high-voltage, high-altitude power lines and electrical towers is risky for humans. Drones could quite easily do the same job when operated by a trained technician. Current regulations about drones however have prevented such applications, due to security concerns. These remote-controlled or RC drone planes make the jobs of linemen safer, easier and quicker by letting them find out what exactly is wrong without having to climb up ladders. Recently, mini-helicopters were … Read more

Live Mammalian Brain Activity Mapping Using Neuronal Sensors

Mind mapping and Brain mapping have been the subject of many science fiction and paranoid delusion fantasies. Researchers at Stanford University and Duke University have found a way to make it happen. Our brain consists of billions of individual cells called neurons, which generate electrical bursts as many as 100 times per second or at a frequency of 100 Hz. To get some perspective, the electric supply in the US is at 60 Hz, and … Read more

Flatcam – Camera Without Lens

In a bid to create the thinnest camera possible, researchers at Rice University have developed one without any lenses! FlatCam, invented by the Rice labs engineers Richard Baraniuk and Ashok Veeraraghavan, uses a photo-sensor chip with a mask to modulate the incident light. Unlike conventional lens-based cameras which directly obtain images of the incident radiation, this revolutionary device relies on computer algorithms to re-integrate the incoming bits of data and create pictures. Smartphones and tablets need … Read more

Get New Tooth Enamel – Cavity Repair Without Drilling

Dentists are among the most feared professionals, especially among children. Personally speaking, once I start thinking about dentists, I can’t get that high frequency drilling sensation out of my mind! In case your tooth is not fully decayed, but is just starting to go bad, there’s hope yet. Some British scientists have come up with a procedure to rebuild the enamel on your teeth, which doesn’t involve any drilling. EAER or “Electrically Assisted Enhanced Remineralisation” … Read more

Keep Hackers Away From Your Smart Gifts This Christmas

This holiday season, there won’t be a shortage of internet connected devices like Drone planes, Smartwatches, Smart TVs, cameras, microwave ovens, refrigerators, ACs and central heating thermostats, even medical devices like pacemakers on the market. While it might seem like a great idea to get Smart Gifts for Christmas for your friends and relatives, don’t hurry off just yet. As more aspects of our daily lives become network based, we are opening ourselves to increased … Read more

Racing Extinction – A Documentary With Digital Graffiti

What is Racing Extinction? In a much catchier effort to educate people about the extinction of our cohabitants on Earth, Discovery Channel is going to televise a documentary on December 2, 2015 that is an awesome amalgamation of Automobile and Cinematographic Technology, Wildlife conservation and Architecture. Apart from the concerted effort of a Race-car driver, Ecologists, Movie makers and their teams, University researchers and Director Louie Psihoyos. In spite of several decades of environmentalist campaigns and … Read more

Science Update – Sacrificed Inca Boy’s Mummy Reveals New Lineage

In a heart-rending yet anthropologically exciting discovery, an Aconcaguan Inca boy who had been sacrificed in a seemingly inhuman ritual around 500 years ago has contributed to discovering his maternal ancestry based in Peru. The mummified remains of this young Incan’s lungs were extracted (shown in the picture below) and analyzed by a group of geneticists led by Antonio Salas of the Universidad de Santiago de Compostela, Galicia, Spain to try and determine his lineage. … Read more

Facebook Editor – e-Cartography 2.0 in Action!

What is Facebook Editor? Remember Google Earth? Wikimapia? Google Maps? Facebook Editor is the Next Gen of micro-mapping and geo-tagging. You get to Edit, Approve and Reject the Location data and other details of Places marked on a Global Map on Facebook. As you can see in the screenshot above, there are 3 major components of this product’s UI (user interface): Editor Menu Bar just under the usual Facebook menu bar. Map Working Area with … Read more

Science Update – Mars Moon Phobos Fighting Stress

Not something we usually associate with Tera-tons of 30 km wide celestial rock! Under observation since the Mars Voyager mission four decades ago, Phobos – the larger of two satellites orbiting Mars – has been developing deeper grooves and getting pulled out of its spherical shape. Back then, it was suggested that the stretch marks across the surface were a result of Mars pulling too hard on its moon, but this hypothesis was negated by … Read more

Science Update – Vagus Nerve Stimulation To Treat Heart Disease, Arthritis and Headaches

The US FDA has already approved using Electrical Stimulation of the Vagus nerve through implants within the patient’s body to treat epilepsy and unmitigable depression which pharmaceutical medicine can’t help. What is Nerve Stimulation? Nerve stimulation is a method of applying electrical or mechanical pressure to our nervous system – typically nerve cells in accessible places close to the skin or using electrodes! True, those scary “shock therapy” stories are not fiction. ECT or Electro-Convulsive Therapy … Read more

Skiva Cord2Go Keychain and iPhone Connector

Forget to carry your iPhone charger to office often? Skiva Technologies has developed a foolproof solution to forgetting and misplacing costly connector cables. Cord2Go is a Lightning Port to USB Sync and Charger cable for Apple’s mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, iPod and other Lightning port based devices. Along with inbuilt support for the latest iOS 8, the USP or highlight of this one in several (practically countless) PC to Mobile device connectors is that IT … Read more

Help Fund Guardoor for DIY 24×7 App-Based Home Security

Worried about Home Security? Who isn’t! Somewhere between a hair-triggered shotgun and a highly expensive invisible laser based security system, San Francisco based KIKTEC has developed a cheap yet effective DIY (Do It Yourself) solution called GUARDOOR for guarding doors and windows through PC, Tablet and Mobile Apps for just $79 per point. Even the most security obsessed home-owner can stay assured thousands of miles away! What is GUARDOOR? It is a system of sensor or trigger devices at each … Read more

FIXED – Automatic Google Chrome Find Box Windows Explorer Search Problem

Searching for stuff on Windows 7, Vista and XP with the default search settings is often a nightmare! Add to that the indexing service that slows down your PC drastically. On top of all that, another GHOST SEARCH bug has cropped up many times over the years without any working solution. Automatic Google Chrome Find and Windows Explorer Search Problem: I recently got a new laptop: HP PROBOOK 440 G2 Notebook PC. Without installing any … Read more

Showcasing Keep and Share for User Collaboration

Keep & Share is a very versatile collaboration service with social, professional and personal tools for team and event management, file and photo sharing, database management and daily To-Do lists. Let’s review the main features in detail. · A Calendar app with email and text alerts lets you set reminders for future events as well as share those alerts with your friends and colleagues! Premium accounts offer up to 30 different calendars per user, while … Read more

Can VOIP Services Replace Business Phone Systems?

VOIP or Voice Over IP (Internet Protocol) technology deals with transmitting voice messages using Internet Protocol based networks. Internet telephony allows us to have typical PSTN, PBX or Public Switched Telephone Network services like voice calls, facsimile or fax, SMS and voicemail available over the internet. The first generation VOIP services were along similar lines as conventional telephone networks. Second generation service providers like Skype offered limited network communication for FREE with access to public … Read more

4K Ultra HD Technology – Should You Bite?

What is 4K Technology? HD or High Definition refers to the high resolution or visual detail of cameras and displays like LCD screens, LED screens etc. used as monitors for computers as well as Television screens and projectors. Digital images and videos are split into tiny units called Pixels, which are used to decide how much the resolution of a display screen is. The Ultra HD Television or UHDTV category currently includes 4K and 8K … Read more

How To Find CPU Cores Logical Cores On Windows 7 Windows 8

Do you want to quickly find out how many CPU cores your Microsoft Windows based laptop or desktop computer has?   You can even use this method to find the number of logical or virtual cores being currently used and available.   Just copy the following code exactly, WMIC CPU Get NumberOfCores,NumberOfLogicalProcessors /Format:List Open your Windows command prompt (using Start Menu Search or from Accessories), Right-click within the window (black space), and Select paste. Press … Read more

Why Android beats iOS in India – Features, Pricing and Brand

The world of consumer electronics in India is in a state of very high flux, and the sheer number of Tablet PC and Mobile/ Smartphone manufacturers is shocking. Local brands like Micromax, Karbonn, Lava, Maxx, Spice etc. hold significant portions of the market, offering the Indian consumer a wide variety of products at all price ranges. Even international brands like Samsung, Motorola, Nokia and Apple with decades of legacy are having to fight hard to … Read more

Worksnaps Review – Remote Project Management Service

Worksnaps is a comprehensive remote assistance and project management tool, used for logging tasks based on time, user and project details. The Worksnaps remote work service has two separate aspects: A desktop based application for gathering logs and regular task updates from the workers, and A website based backend for project managers to analyze and manually modify the statistical logs and project status, billing, payment, report generation etc. Depending on which service plan you choose, … Read more

DIY How to Solve Laptop Overheating Shutdown Problem

Is your laptop overheating frequently? There may be several reasons for an overheating laptop, but in this post we’re going to learn about the most common cause and its solution.  Why does a laptop generate heat? Is it supposed to get overheated normally? There is a high density of electronic equipment inside such a tiny box, using your notebook PC. This causes heat generation in several parts – CPU, Graphics card, Hard Disk (HDD) or … Read more