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5 Facts About Black Holes That Will Surely Blow Your Mind

Are you fond of trivia and random facts? Do you love science? Well, you’re in for a treat right now because we’ll be talking about one of the fascinating features of our Universe: black holes. Black holes are regions of spacetime wherein matter is packed so densely, and the gravitational force is extremely strong that [...]

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Transpiration Process In Plants With A Potometer: How Is It Done?

Understanding transpiration is arguably the basis of any successful agricultural venture and ensuring fruitful crops for both farmers and manufacturers who rely on nature to work at its optimal best for the sake of their products. While those who work with plants, don’t always have a degree in biology or botany, they still have a [...]

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What’s the Most Efficient Renewable Energy Source in 2019

There’s been a major switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy over the past few decades, but what energy system is the best? People want to know what is the most efficient renewable energy source is, but it can be difficult to distinguish between and how they are different. The idea of renewable energy is [...]

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How to Use Laser Pointers for Astronomy Properly?

When it comes to stargazing, laser pointers are all the rave. Emitting a narrow, intense beam of light that is visible for hundreds, maybe even thousands, of meters at night if weather conditions allow, lasers can give you some breathless views in a night sky. You’ll probably find a green laser pointer (GLP) in the [...]

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Predictive Index Learning Test Will Gauge Your Cognitive Skills!

  Do you have the zeal to learn and grasp new things? If so, take a predictive index learning test and be a part of the renounced company who want to staff like you. Formerly called a Professional Learning Indicator (PLI), the predictive Index Learning Indicator (PILI) is a 12-minute test featuring a total of [...]

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Antibody Sequencing and the Technology Behind It

Antibodies are one of the body’s line of defense against antigens, and this is the best information most people remember from Biology class about antibodies. However, there’s actually more to antibodies than this definition. Analyzing what these antibodies are up to can offer a breadth of information about these compounds and how they can influence [...]

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Resound Hearing Aid and Resound Unite Phone Clip Review

I, like many others in this country, wear hearing aids. I am not totally dependent upon them to hear, but they help in difficult situations when I need a little bit more volume, or when certain sounds seem impossible to hear. I also am one that suffers with a disorder known as Tinnitus. While the [...]

RhinoShield PlayProof 6S Plus case review!

After completing my CrashGuard review, EvolutiveLabs asked me to review their PlayProof case, so here it is: In RhinoShield's PlayProof line, they have dozens and dozens of options available to choose from. They have very cool designs, and most of the designs have different color schemes. They even release designs tailored to certain holidays such as [...]

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Get New Tooth Enamel – Cavity Repair Without Drilling

Dentists are among the most feared professionals, especially among children. Personally speaking, once I start thinking about dentists, I can't get that high frequency drilling sensation out of my mind! In case your tooth is not fully decayed, but is just starting to go bad, there's hope yet. Some British scientists have come up with [...]

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Science Update – Sacrificed Inca Boy’s Mummy Reveals New Lineage

In a heart-rending yet anthropologically exciting discovery, an Aconcaguan Inca boy who had been sacrificed in a seemingly inhuman ritual around 500 years ago has contributed to discovering his maternal ancestry based in Peru. The mummified remains of this young Incan's lungs were extracted (shown in the picture below) and analyzed by a group of [...]

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Science Update – Mars Moon Phobos Fighting Stress

Not something we usually associate with Tera-tons of 30 km wide celestial rock! Under observation since the Mars Voyager mission four decades ago, Phobos - the larger of two satellites orbiting Mars - has been developing deeper grooves and getting pulled out of its spherical shape. Back then, it was suggested that the stretch marks [...]

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Science Update – Vagus Nerve Stimulation To Treat Heart Disease, Arthritis and Headaches

The US FDA has already approved using Electrical Stimulation of the Vagus nerve through implants within the patient's body to treat epilepsy and unmitigable depression which pharmaceutical medicine can't help. What is Nerve Stimulation? Nerve stimulation is a method of applying electrical or mechanical pressure to our nervous system - typically nerve cells in accessible places [...]

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Review of the Patriot FUEL 9000mAh 2-Port Portable Charger

Review of the Patriot FUEL 9000mAh 2Port, Power Bank, high quality Portable Charger & LED light. Multi-purpose USB charger that does so much.