Creative Tool Decks to Help with Video or Audio Editing

Five Content Creation Tools to Streamline the Creative Process If you’re anything like me, the day-to-day hustle and bustles you put up with don’t exactly allow for in-depth video editing without shutting down, so every step took off something is a godsend. Here are five products to help you along your creative journey without hitting your wallet too heavily, and are a boon to any professional content creator.   1. The Loupedeck Creative Tool – … Read more

The REDMAGIC 6S PRO – REDMAGICs Latest Technological Marvel

REDMAGIC Strikes Gold with this New Gaming Smartphone REDMAGICs latest upcoming release, the 6S Pro, is an absolute behemoth of a smartphone, with everything from an AMOLED 165hz screen capable of rendering games in beautiful HD+ with the processor to back such graphical claims. So without further ado, let’s delve into the various features they’re promising, and after each, we’ll talk more about them, and I’ll give you my own take. Without further ado, here … Read more

The Grand Auction House Slowdown – WoW Classic

Hello! I’ve been a contributor for Dragonbloggers for a decent amount of time, and a fan of World of Warcraft for far longer, and I’d like to take a little bit of your time to talk about the pros, cons, and my own general thoughts on Blizzard-Activision’s choice to purposefully limit the speed of postings on WoWs auction house in an attempt to stabilize the economy and slow down the use of third party programs … Read more

Speedefy AC2100 Router: A Solid Choice in Routers

The AC2100 router from Speedefy, currently available on Amazon, managed to hold up through an ice storm, multiple snapped cables, and a nightmare of jumpy bandwidth. I spent almost two months with shaky internet at best, and while my numbers were shaky, having an internet connection fast enough to do anything at all was a blessing. As you can see from the screenshots below, I was still able to reach speeds up to 750mbs at … Read more

World of Warcraft Classic

A Shortened Guide to WoW ESports Betting

World of Warcraft has evolved over the years from a simple game enjoyed by millions of fantasy lovers into a complex performance that requires a considerable amount of time investment from even the most casual players. Simply seeing end game content is a guaranteed time investment, much less getting the best possible gear. Like sports betting in New Jersey, betting on World of Warcraft can be an extremely lucrative hobby, assuming you learn the meta, … Read more

Nations At Risk a Real Time Grand Strategy Browser Game

Nations at risk is a nation simulation game that is all about politics and war. It’s free to play, multiplayer, browser-based, and has a variety of government systems to choose from. It has a wonder system that is reminiscent of age of empires. The game is similar to old school browser-based games sites such as Neopets, static images and text conveying the action on screen. Build up your nation from the depths of squalor and … Read more

Paranoia Agent: The Danger of Collective Belief

I just recently finished re-watching this absolute masterpiece, and frankly, I’m more floored than I was when I was a child. Back then it was just a spooky show that came on late at night on Toonami, but now that I’ve grown, I’m much more capable of analyzing it as a whole. As always, you can watch this fine piece of anime over at Funimation, this article contains some spoilers, and now let’s get down … Read more

Hotline 2: Video Slots inspired by Miami Chase

What is Hotline 2, where can I play it, and what was is Miami Chase? Ready for a blast from the past? I just recently played Hotline 2, a video slot game from NetEnt, creator of fine gambling terminals across the fine country of Canada. “Wait,” you say to me vehemently, pointing a finger at me and shaking it angrily. “YOU’RE NOT CANADIAN OPAL! ” you shout to the skies, shaking a fist dramatically. That’s … Read more

VideoSolo Screen Recorder/Screen Capture Software

Hello there! VideoSolo Screen Recorder is a simple, lightweight video recorder, and screen capture software. It’s a simple to use program and takes seconds to install from its product page. The UI is incredibly simple, but pleasing to the eye, the various options available to you make controlling the quality of your media incredibly simple, and easy to create. My name’s Opal, and I’ll walk you through its functions, as well as provide some incredibly … Read more

Cowboy Bebop: Back to When Anime Had Class

As a fan of old school animation, Cowboy Bebop absolutely blows me out of the water. While I hate to show my hand this early, it’s a pinnacle of early anime, and a must-see for anyone just getting into anime who hasn’t quite caught the bug for the genre of entertainment just yet and you can watch all of it over on Funimation right now. The animation is amazingly fluid for the period it was … Read more

Funimation: The Streaming Service for All Your Anime Needs

Stuck in quarantine, bored, and need a solid way to distract yourself? Why not check out Funimation? As a consistently geeky human being, I grew up on shonen titles, and they’ve got them in ample supply, cheaper than Crunchyroll, and with a solid backlog of more obscure titles to boot. They’ve got everything from the latest My Hero Academia episodes (in both subs, and dubs *insert internal squeeing for knowing that not everyone enjoys READING … Read more

Top 5 War Games You Can Play in Your Browser

I’m a child of Newgrounds. For those of you who live under a rock, Newgrounds is a website hosting a plethora of flash animations, flash games, and other such joyous works that people put a solid chunk of time into. That was the charm, the lack of quality control meant that you’d come across the occasional diamond in the rough. This site shares many similarities with Newgrounds including hosting flash games, a rarity in the … Read more

Is Game Betting Allowed in Illinois?

Wizard World is coming back around and looks to be happening as the COVID lockdowns start being lifted.  You can find a lot of guest speakers and entertainment coming this August in Illinois.   And speaking of exhibition events and such, I felt now was the time to discuss the legality of e-sports competitions versus Illinois Sports Gambling. Frankly, the explosion of interest in e-sports as a whole is an absolute joy for a nerd … Read more

Hey Blizzard, The Azurite Lottery is Awful

Frankly, I just wanna voice my opinion on Blizzard, and their awful loot system, so please bear with me as I take you on the not so complex summary of the horrid grind of the Azerite Lottery. The residuum price is unfair, in the sense that if you can modestly pump-out ten to fourteen keys you’re looking at around four hundred and seventy azerite to not gamble. This is fine, but you’re looking at thirty … Read more