Showcasing the WEMAX Dice PRO portable FHD projector!

Projectors are generally thought of as stationary objects, planted in your favorite room to ensure you have a fantastic home cinema experience waiting for you after a long day at work, but what about those times when having a projector on hand would be an absolute party saver? WEMAX has the answer in the form of the WEMAX DICE PRO, a compact portable projector for use in outdoor entertainment and travel. This piece of tech … Read more

Working Outside? A Quick Look at the GearIT LED COB Work Light

Planning on doing a bit of late night work during the quickly approaching summer months? If that’s the case, proper illumination is a necessity, and sometimes your porch light simply won’t cut it. Thankfully GearIT has a solution for us today with their 2000 Lumen Work Light! A good work light has a few standard features I’d say are the bare minimums: It needs to be bright, the cable needs to be relatively long, and … Read more

EKSA Has Fantastic Blowout Memorial Day Deals

Memorial day is rolling around, and you know what that means! Bargains, discounts! Whether it’s a new headset, or a shiny new mouse, EKSA carries some of the finest products in the scope of gaming! I’ve hand curated some of my personal favorites from their stock to show you, and they’re offering up to 67% off on these fine pieces of merchandise! EKSA is a consistent, quality headphone brand, and from what I’ve heard about … Read more

Ride Along with the Outdoor Master Cruiser Electric Skateboard

E-Transportation is the truly the future, and nowadays you can find just about every single form of practical transport available, but what about entertainment? Combining the two into one package is a rarity, and Outdoor Master has quite the fantastic offer in store for us today. Electric Skateboards are absolutely fantastic, removing the need to push off, and simply requiring the user to balance, unlike a normal skateboard. They’re also one of the most compact … Read more

Showcasing Qnoavve WiFi 4K Cellular Trail Camera

Trail cams have a variety of uses ranging from hunting, to property protection. Many game animals are typically nocturnal to avoid predators, so a solid trail camera can be the difference between bagging your prey and going home hungry. Solid features most modern trail cams tend to be things along the side of night vision, footage storage, camera panning, and practical features such as waterproofing and general weatherproofing. A good trail camera should be able … Read more

All about the Lemorele 4K USB C Hub!

Ports, we need them non-stop. USB, HDMI, Ethernet, if you own any device there’s never enough of these lying around. Well a good USB hub can fix that problem in a snap. From charging devices to full on data transmission, a hub can fix many issues with your current device setup. They’re also generally easy to use, just plug it into your PC, and you expand one port to several ranging from USB to HDMI … Read more

Showcasing the E1000 Gaming Headset by EKSA!

One of my biggest issues with any sort of headphones is how easily they tend to break under strain. I’m the forgetful sort, and if it isn’t at my desk I darned well may sit on the expensive headset I dropped a decent amount of money on and smash it to pieces, so when I saw the E1000 being bent by our reviewer James, I immediately thought to myself “I need to find out more … Read more

TONOR Never Stops Impressing – Meet the TC-777 Condenser Microphone

With an Amazon storefront jam packed with fantastic microphones of a huge variety, an easy to navigate website that lays out the exact technology behind every single microphone, and a business that puts the customer first it’s no wonder TONOR is a leading name in audio fidelity. I’m here today to talk to you about the TONOR TC-777, as well as offer you some tips on tuning it to get that perfect sound for whatever … Read more

Showcasing the QUINEAR Portable Neck Massager

Taking a break and need some extra stress relief? Work a literal pain in the neck? If you like good deals and bad puns, you’ve come to the right place. Your neck is one of the most important sections of your body and you’ve gotta take good care of it, one bad crick and suddenly you’re in pain for the rest of the day, or even longer. Not to mention the stress pain like that … Read more

Showcasing LONGER RAY5s Laser Engraver!

Sitting at home thanks to the pandemic and feel you need a new hobby? Why not try Laser Engraving! It’s a fun and amazing technology that will add an extremely precise design to any material fed into it. The level of precision is absolutely astounding, getting things right down to the finest pixel due to the technology it utilizes to do so. It’s also surprisingly affordable, with commercial laser engravers costing a little more than … Read more

What to Know About the Z&S Mini PC

Sometimes you just don’t have the space for a full sized PC setup. Size isn’t everything however as Z&S shows us with the powerful product they have on offer for us to look at today. This is a product for anyone that just wants a nice, portable PC that still packs enough power to handle all the business applications the modern work requires to function. It’s also fantastic for a home work space where you … Read more

Looking at eufy eufyCam 2C Home Security Camera Kit

Keeping your home secure is always an important factor in living a long, and happy life, and while a solid alarm system will keep you safe while you’re at home, it doesn’t do much while you’re away. This is where security cameras, especially ones powered by WiFi, can come into play to help you protect your home, and even make day to day life a little bit easier. Enter eufys 2C 2-camera kit. A pair … Read more

Showcasing the Artillery Sidewinder X2 3D Printer!

A good 3D printer is a versatile tool intended to open many doors to creativity, as well as serve considerably more useful functions like everything from minor car part repair, to printing entire medical prosthesis for sufferers of major traumatic events. Finding a solid one with a good design for an affordable price on the commercial market isn’t easy, which can leave you with anything from wasted resin to a small house fire with the … Read more

Sceptre’s Curved 30″ monitor looks fantastic!

The most important part of any PC setup that isn’t internal hardware for your tower has gotta be a fantastic monitor. You can have the nicest keyboard and mouse, all the comforts in the form of cushions for your rump, wrist, and elbows you want, and it’d all be spoiled if you didn’t have a nice screen to top it all off. I’ve tried a ton of monitors in my day, and curved ones have … Read more

Showcasing the WEMAX Nova Short Throw Laser Projector

Laser Projectors are an upgrade to the standard projector, allowing for higher resolution, and clearer picture. In quite a few cases this also allows you to get a larger scale for a closer feeling to that visit to the movies you were looking to avoid. For the home improvement enthusiast building a home theater, this is the apex of projector systems, and finding something with this much power while keeping a high degree of value … Read more

Inflate your Tires with Travlog Portable Air Compressor!

If you’ve ever sprung a flat on the road the biggest hassle post-patching can be finding somewhere to get air back into your tire again. Thankfully for you, I’ve got quite the offer that’ll ensure you never have to deal with that issue again. It’s also good for motorcycle flats, airing up bike tires, balls, anything that requires inflation, you name it. A good air compressor can be a massive boon to any expedition you … Read more

Charging up with the Crave Plus PRO PD Power Bank

A good power bank can be a literal lifesaver, and the Crave Plus Pro is a quality piece of tech that fulfills that needed function and more. Whether it’s an emergency situation, or just keeping your phone running on a long, boring flight, the Crave Plus Pro is an absolute must for all your travel needs. For those who stumbled across this article without knowing what a power bank is, allow me to inform you! … Read more

Showing Off ETOEs Marvelous Portable Projector

Buying a projector is quite a serious investment in a lot of cases. If you’re attempting to construct a den, home movie theatre, or even just wanna add a unique form of entertainment to your bedroom, you could even say it’s the crown jewel of the entire affair, so selecting a quality one is an important but extremely difficult task without the right knowledge. Projectors have been used for quite some time as educational, entertainment, … Read more

How to Get Amazon Editorial Recommendations for Your Brand with Seller Rocket

Are you an existing Amazon seller with a quality product and feel like your products just aren’t getting the attention they deserve? Do you feel like people never see your product due to the other products on the market practically crowding you out of every search despite not having the same level of quality, creative drive, or even effort put into them? Seller Rocket is here to help with Amazon Editorial Recommendations! “What’s an Editorial … Read more

The Holy Stone GPS HS360 Drone Takes Flight

Holy Stone has a lovely offering for us today, a GPS Drone! Between the sleek design and the lovely features, it’s one jam-packed piece of tech. It has a whole host of lovely functions and nice bells and whistles for us to discuss, so without much more prattling let’s get to it. As you can see, your package comes with a carrying case, your drone, a couple of spare batteries, and a remote featuring a … Read more