Domination: Earth -Review

Overall it is an easy game to keep on top of and gives me something to do while I am out for my daily walks to get my steps in. The best thing I will say is this has to be the only game I have played that doesn’t drain my phone’s battery. 

Last Minute Gadgets To Fit Your Budget

Everyone always wants to buy something nice for people at Christmas but sometimes gadgets don’t seem to fit the budget. I have found some items that will hopefully be popular with your loved ones and fit your budget. Amazon Fire 7 Tablet This tablet costs around $50 and will let you do almost anything. It has a  7″ IPS display with higher contrast and sharper text. It also has a  1.3 GHz quad-core processor, and up … Read more

More Christmas Tech Gift Ideas in 2017

With Christmas fast approaching, it is time to start stressing about what to buy everyone. Here are some tech gift ideas that will hopefully make your gift giving a little easier this year. Sphero Star Wars BB-8 This is a dream for Star Wars fans. You control the BB-8 using an app on your phone. You can also wear the watch and turn him into “The Force” mode and use the force to push him … Read more

2017 Top Gadgets for Your Car

I am always looking for ways to make my life a little easier when I am out driving. Here are a few of the top tech items you didn’t know you needed for your car. Star Wars BB-8 USB Car Charger     I bought this cute little guy a couple of weeks ago.  This adorable BB-8 fits your standard cupholder and plugs into 12V vehicle power adapter (cigarette lighter). There is an optical light to indicate … Read more

2017 Top Travel Gadgets

Its the time of year when people look to travel. Time to go see family over the holidays or simply just escape the cold weather.  Here are some top items I have found to help make traveling a bit easier. Skyroam Mobile Hotspot Having roaming charges on your phone bill can get costly.  Skyroam is a pay as you go system. It allows you to connect up to 5 devices starting around $8 a day.  … Read more

Harry Potter-Top Trumps Review

I like to enter contests. I haven’t won for a while but last month I finally won. I was lucky enough to win the Harry Potter card game so I thought I would share my thoughts. I won 6 different decks.  The games average about 15 mins, but I have had some run a bit longer. It just depends on the cards you get. The package says ages 6+ but as long as a child … Read more

Christmas Gift Ideas for Gamers

The weather is getting colder, the nights longer and soon Christmas will be here. Its the perfect time to grab something warm to drink and do some online shopping.  Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday sales are just around the corner. perfect time to make a list and be ready to catch some deals on some must haves for the gamer in your life. Xbox One X     If you are planning on a … Read more

Christmas Gift Ideas for Star Wars Lovers 2017

Its almost time for the new Star Wars movie.  Lots of my posts include Star Wars items as I am a big fan. I am even currently planning my Star Wars theme wedding.  I have put together a list of items for the Star wars fan young and old and to fit any budget. Star Wars Porg Electronic Plush The newest character in the new movie is this adorable creature from on Ahch-To Island in Star Wars: … Read more

Mirror Galaxy Cake – First Attempt

My daughter’s birthday is coming up and has asked for me to make her a galaxy mirror cake. As this is something I have not tried before, I thought it best to do a trial cake to make sure I can pull this off.  To make this you will need ; (2) 6” Round Vanilla Cakes 8 Ounces White Melting Chocolate  1 Cup white granulated sugar 1/2 Cup of cold water 1/4 Cup of water 1/2 Cup … Read more

The Cost of Creating an App

I grew up without a cellphone. Watching it evolve to what it has become I wonder how did I ever survive all those years without one. There seems to be an app for almost everything and anything. Revenues in the App store reached over $28 billion last year. What if you have an idea for something new for people to use? Let me help you break down what it will cost you to make an app and start making money for yourself.

Gift Ideas for Star Wars Fans

With a new Star Wars movie out, everyone will be looking to get all new toys and gadgets. I will be going to see the movie in a couple of days and can’t wait. Here are some top star Wars must haves. Star Wars The Black Series Risk Game I just recently got this game and it is so much fun. There are many different ways to attack from both sides, so strategy is key. … Read more