Escape Games – Aura Adventure Android Puzzle Game Review


I downloaded the Android app for Aura Adventure and started playing it, but I must say this was not a fun game to play.  This is a point and click type of game by Hidden Fun Games. When you first start, all it will ask from you is to choose a language. Then next, there is the main menu where nothing is explained. There is no tutorial to give you a walk through of what they are expecting you to do, you are just required to jump into it and figure it out.

Even simple jewel games where you just match things up give you hints and tell you what they want you to do.

There are 3 mini games that you can play to earn coins. You will need these coins to skip hard puzzles or to even watch the walk through video.  The video is just watching someone else play with no sound and trying to figure out what they clicked on so that you can go back to do it as well. A proper tutorial would have been way more beneficial and helpful then just quietly watch someone else play the game.  How about some up up tips, instructions or maybe even something to keep a person more engaged.

Some of the puzzles are a bit longer then I would like to spend on a phone game as well. This will kill your battery fast if you try to play away from home and get stuck on a long puzzle.  The mini games to earn coins are very repetitive and will become boring very quickly in my opinion.  Wasting my data on trying to figure out what I’m actually supposed to do is not my idea of a fun game and I don’t think I can stress enough how a tutorial really could have helped this game be a bit better for me. Also maybe adding hints as to where the next puzzle might be and providing context on the puzzles as well. I also had a hard time getting my character to be able to walk through an area to get to the next puzzle.

Overall Aura Adventure was more of a headache to play than I expected. I did not have fun trying to figure out what they wanted me to do and jumping back and forth from the “walk-through” video. Phone games should be easy and fun to play and make it worth killing my battery for. This was not one of those games sadly. All screenshots are from the game as I played above, this does not get a good recommendation from me unless the developers add some tutorials, context, text based hints and generally provide more for the gamer.

Here is a bit of video showcasing the came as well

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