Predictive Index Learning Test Will Gauge Your Cognitive Skills!

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Do you have the zeal to learn and grasp new things? If so, take a predictive index learning test and be a part of the renounced company who want to staff like you. Formerly called a Professional Learning Indicator (PLI), the predictive Index Learning Indicator (PILI) is a 12-minute test featuring a total of 50 questions.

The test will judge your skills that are not mentioned in the resume. You will be gauged upon the basis of cognitive ability, as well as through the capacity to learn and adapt new things. Companies rely on this test because it’s the number one predictor to measure the success in the job.

Irrespective of the degree you have for a relevant course, it will only tell that you have completed the specific course, not how effectively you had done.  However, the predictive index test will measure your cognitive abilities and how effectively you can work under set-constraints.

Organizations trust this because it’s scientifically approved and will measure your learning capabilities. It will predict your thinking abilities, knowledge acquisition, and more for the specific job role.

How Does The Predictive Index Learning Work?

You will get 50 questions in the test, which you have to complete in 12-minutes. The resulting score of the test will indicate how swiftly you can solve the complex information and how you can deal with the cognitive demands of the company.

You Will Be Judged On:

Here are four key factors on which you are judged:

  • Dominance: How dominant you are and how well you can control your teammates and the environment of the company. Candidates who score high in this are independent, assertive, self-confident and more. And, the one with a low score is cooperative, accommodating, and manageable.
  • Patience:  How consistent and patient the employees will define the patience-level on the job. If you are impatient, fast-paced, and intense, you are likely to fail in this test.
  • Extroversion: This step will measure how social the candidates are and how easily they connect with their mates. Persuasive, outgoing, and socially-poised candidates are likely to score high in the test.
  • Formality: This will measure how well you conform to the rules and structure of the company. The self-disciplined, organized, and precise people have high chance to get the job. And the chances of uninhibited, informal and casual ones not hired by the recruiters.

What Are The Benefits Of PILI?

Apart from measuring your cognitive skills, the benefits of predictive index learning are many. Some of them are:

Scientifically Validate:

Since Predictive index learning indicator has been reliable, science-based, and easily applicable, organizations use it to solve business challenges.

It helps in measuring the general abilities of an employee by adhering to stringent standards of the test through organizations like Society for industrial and Psychology (SIOP), International Test Commission (ITC) and American Psychological Association (APA).

It Will Measure Your Intellect Level:

Since the test applies to various job sectors, the company’s rely on it. It will measure your abilities to learn, adapt, and grasp many new things and concepts that are applicable in the workplace.

With a high score, candidates who are swift learners, good problem solvers and better decision-makers are hired for the jobs.

It Is User-Friendly:

It’s a simple 50-minute test that you need to complete in only 12-minutes. You will be asked questions from general ability, verbal, and reasoning. Besides, it will measure your intellectual skills as well as processing skills.

For Recruiters, It Will Streamline The Hiring Process:

Choosing the right candidates for a vacant position is one of the most difficult tasks. The process becomes even more dreaded when all the candidates are from the same background. However, with PILI, the section process becomes easier, and the candidates with high intellect are more likely to get the job.

So, if you want to be in a specific job, be prepared with the predictive index test, score high, and get hired by best people!

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.