RhinoShield PlayProof 6S Plus case review!

After completing my CrashGuard review, EvolutiveLabs asked me to review their PlayProof case, so here it is:

In RhinoShield’s PlayProof line, they have dozens and dozens of options available to choose from. They have very cool designs, and most of the designs have different color schemes. They even release designs tailored to certain holidays such as Halloween or St. Patricks day, which is pretty sweet. It shows that they stay on top of the product and care about the consumer! Most companies put out a product, and just let it sit in monotony. Way to go RhinoShield.


I went with a case covering tree design and an ocean design. I love my cases, and check out some photos below of them!



These cases look sweet. They’re very easy to grip, and they design the cutouts perfectly. I’ve used multiple headphones with different input jack styles/designs, and these cases leave adequate room for access.


That’s what a case is for, right? Don’t worry, despite all the creativity in their designs, they haven’t left out a single factor of protection. RhinoShield uses a honeycomb design with the build of their cases. No, I am not talking about the delicious cereal. Check out the photo of the inside of the case ^above^ to see what I mean. By designing the case this way, whenever your phone is dropped, the pattern of the design absorbs the impact and in-a-way studs the spread of the shock throughout your phone. These cases know how to take one for the team. Superior quality and they even have drop tests on their website to prove the science!

What more need I say? RhinoShield always brings their A-Game when it comes to building and designing the cases.
You can head over to the PlayProof website, check out the plethora of designs, and snag yourself one!

Thanks again RhinoShield! 5/5.

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