Why Passwords are Bad for Data Security

Did you think using a password was enough to protect all your personal and financial information? Think again. The primary reasons why Passwords are a bad bet in the world of data security are: Badly chosen combinations – Most people choose passwords which are combinations of phrases and numbers somehow related to their identities. This makes it easier to guess what the password it, when you have the relevant personal details. Even less secure passwords … Read more

Recent Technology News – Samsung’s 5G Plans

Samsung to offer 5G services by 2020, reports of exceeding 1Gbps in downlink data transfer tests Although 4G technology or LTE (Long Term Evolution) is still quite new and exciting, research has been going on full throttle to bring in newer, faster and more reliable wireless data transfer technology as early as possible all across the globe. Based on news reports, Samsung has been tinkering with as many as 64 coordinated antennas in order to … Read more

Recent Technology News – Replacing Passwords with Hardware Passkeys

Google working on replacing Passwords with Hardware Identification based Passkeys Passwords have been in existence in the computing world right from the beginning. In the past we have seen USB drives used as passkeys for logging into Windows 7, primarily to reset forgotten passwords. However, entirely phasing out passwords from local as well as web based applications now seems to be a distinct possibility in the next few years, in favor of more secure solutions … Read more

Recent Technology News – Samsung’s 275 ppi Green Panels

Samsung’s 13.3-inch, 275 ppi, 3,200 x 1,800 LCD Green Panels to be shipped in weeks Samsung’s much awaited enchanting Retina quality LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) panels are slated to be available on notebook PCs as well as desktop computers in a matter of weeks! In its recent launch event, the technology giant offered a demo of the amazing 13.3 inch, 3200 pixel x 1600 pixel and 275 ppi (pixels per inch) LCD panel connected to … Read more

Apple iPod Tips – iPod Gets Disconnected Repeatedly

Why does my iPod get disconnected repeatedly when I connect it to my PC via the USB cable? Have you ever tried connecting your iPod to a PC, whether to sync songs, photos or videos or simply to transfer files, only for it to repeatedly get disconnected? It gets really frustrating when you are in a hurry, and nothing seems to work – twisting the cables, using a different USB port, resetting the iPod, restarting … Read more

Why Games Are More Popular Than Reality

Games have always fascinated humans, dogs, cats, dolphins, birds and almost all other well observed intelligent animals. While in the case of less intelligent animals these games are usually about mate selection through tests of agility, social animals like cats, elephants, lions, dogs, monkeys etc. regularly interact playfully with each other. Especially the young ones, who bite, slap, kick and make weird noises to keep themselves entertained. While I won’t pretend to be an expert … Read more

Recent Technology News – Android Malware, Blackstone Exits Dell Buyout

Recently, Android users have been thrown into a bit of an Android Malware scare after Lookout  discovered a new piece of malware called ‘BadNews’ in as many as 32 Google Play apps. Although somewhere between 2 million and 9 million Android devices have been estimated to be infected, if you haven’t downloaded any Russian clone apps recently you’re probably safe. Just to be sure, let us go through how BadNews affects the infected devices: Shows … Read more

Recent Technology News – Exploratorium, Toshiba Kirabook Launched

This Recent Technology News update is about the launch of the Exploratorium at Pier 15, San Francisco and the all new Kirabook ultrabook from Toshiba. The Exploratorium at San Francisco’s Palace of Fine Arts has been moved to its new $300 million location at Pier 15, Embarcadero. The 330,000 square-foot interactive science museum is filled with highly stimulating setups which are guaranteed to amaze kids as well as adults through active participation, from games to artificial … Read more

Classic Shell Review – Windows 8 Start Button and Start Menu

Microsoft Windows 8 has been widely criticized for not having classic Windows features like the Start Button and Start Menu. While the latest version of Windows includes a comprehensive Start Screen with customizable shortcuts and a nifty search feature, loyal Windows users who have been using the decades old interface features have been complaining quite loudly across the web. As for the previous Windows versions like XP, Vista and 7, several UI tweaks are being … Read more

5 Free Ebook Readers for Windows PC

Do you like reading Ebooks a lot on your Windows PC? I read anywhere between 10 and 100 Ebooks each month, in various formats like txt, doc, docx, pdf, mobi and epub. While I can also read txt files on my iPod Classic, using a laptop or desktop PC is much better. I can choose more book formats on a PC along with better page navigation and larger text size. So, if you have access … Read more

Avast Free Antivirus 8 Review – New Features

Using and Anti-Virus program is a must for all Windows users. Especially if you use the internet regularly or transfer data from other computers using CDs/DVDs and flash-drives or USB drives. Since Windows operating systems are used by almost all PC users, most viruses, spyware, malware, trojans etc. are created specifically to infect Windows PCs. Fortunately there are plenty of free AV programs you can download from the internet. I have been using Windows OSes … Read more

How To Keep Your Laptop Or Desktop Computer Clean

Do you keep swiping at your computer screen/monitor all the time? Is there dirt on the edges of your keyboard buttons? Does your computer mouse keep sticking to the table often? How thick are the layers of dust over your computer’s hardware equipment? Just like any piece of furniture, your computer is bound to collect dust and dirt over time. The most concerning thing however, is the stuff you can’t even see. What about bacteria … Read more

Master List of Software Programs for New Windows Installations

Have you ever had to re-install Windows on your PC? Did you wait until you needed them to download supporting programs like drivers, antivirus applications, document readers and media players? Waiting too long without an antivirus program might severely endanger your PC, and not having other programs might inconvenience you a lot. How about I give you a master list of all essential software programs for a new Windows OS installation? All you would require … Read more

Popular Technology Myths – Can Cellphones Cause Cancer?

Have you come across the rumor that the radiation used for cellphone or mobile communication can cause cancer? If it were true almost every person on Earth would be at severe risk of developing cancer sooner or later. Let us take a look at some of the observed facts to understand whether cellphone communication can actually cause cancer. What is Cancer? In a typical human adult, there are hundreds of trillions of living cells. In … Read more

How to Delete Undeletable Files and Folders in Windows

Have you ever tried but failed to delete files or folders on Windows? Often malicious programs create such undeletable items, which cause an error message to pop-up when you try to delete them. In this post, we shall learn how to delete undeletable files and folders without using any extra software. Please read the warning at the bottom before proceeding. Through the Search Box or Run Dialog open “CMD”, which is the MSDOS command prompt. … Read more

Windows 8 Series – Betting On Windows Phone 8

Microsoft has been, for a long time now, touting Windows 8 as its bid to counter the rising dominance of Apple in the computing world through mobile devices. While PCs remain its main source of revenue, Microsoft has recognized the need to pay sufficient attention to Mobile and Tablet PC users if it wishes to retain the level of market leadership it currently enjoys. Windows 7 did have a mobile version, but it didn’t make … Read more

How to Fix External Speakers Earphones Headphones – Windows 7 Audio Drivers

Have you ever faced problems using earphones or headphones with your laptop or desktop PC due to Windows 7 Audio Driver incompatibility? If the inbuilt speakers work properly, but any external audio-output devices you plug in don’t work, it is probably due to one of the following issues: The Audio-Out port is damaged The External Audio-device is damaged The Audio-Out Driver has not been installed properly In the first two cases, obviously you need to … Read more

Windows 8 Series: Desktop mode and Office 2013 Buggy on Windows RT

Windows 8, out of all its objectives, was expected to be Microsoft’s answer to Apple’s iOS. While the tiled Modern UI appears to be built-for Tablets and other touch-based devices, apparently Windows RT – the ARM version – isn’t very user-friendly. Specifically, Office 2013 apps and the desktop mode leave a lot to be desired. Windows RT is much more resource-efficient and cheaper, and is being expected to pose a serious challenge to Apple’s iPads … Read more

Windows 8 Series: Metro Apps To Decide Windows 8 Popularity

Over the past few months, I have been posting articles about the merits, demerits and rumors surrounding Microsoft’s latest OS – Windows 8. While its failure to gain instant traction in the OS market will not eliminate or even seriously threaten Microsoft’s hold on it, Windows 8 marks a drastic departure from the traditional Windows interface. Changes in Windows 8’s Modern UI While several cosmetic changes had been introduced in Vista and Windows 7, the … Read more