5 Free Ebook Readers for Windows PC

Do you like reading Ebooks a lot on your Windows PC?

5 FREE Ebook Readers for Windows

I read anywhere between 10 and 100 Ebooks each month, in various formats like txt, doc, docx, pdf, mobi and epub. While I can also read txt files on my iPod Classic, using a laptop or desktop PC is much better. I can choose more book formats on a PC along with better page navigation and larger text size. So, if you have access to a power socket and are not going to be moving around, just download one of the following 5 FREE Ebook Readers onto your PC:

  • Amazon Kindle for PC (www.amazon.com/gp/kindle/pc/download) – (Rating – 1/5) It’s great for reading Ebooks you have bought on Amazon, but doesn’t provide the option of reading other books (those not in your Amazon Cloud).
  • Adobe Reader (get.adobe.com/reader) – (Rating – 2/5) For PDF Ebooks, Adobe Reader is often considered the most popular program for Windows users. While the FREE reader doesn’t allow editing of PDF files, the bookmarking/commenting and page navigation features are very useful.
  • Adobe Digital Editions (www.adobe.com/in/products/digitaleditions.html) – (Rating – 4/5) Adobe Digital Editions is a library manager for Ebooks, but doesn’t allow any editing of the documents. You can use it for PDF and EPub files quite conveniently. The page navigation is much smoother, especially for EPub. Some PDF Ebooks with improper formatting might cause navigation issues. Sorting the files within the program library is quite convenient and useful. Duplicate files are automatically detected while adding them to the library.
  • Calibre (calibre-ebook.com/download_windows) – (Rating – 4.5/5) In addition to being an excellent Ebook reader, Calibre offers file conversion features for converting Ebook formats from and to PDF, EPub, Mobi, TXT, HTML etc. Although I found page navigation to be a bit less smooth as compared to Digital Editions and Adobe Reader, the other features make it indispensable. The library management features are also quite extensive allowing sorting and addition/removal.
  • Foxit Reader (www.foxitsoftware.com/Secure_PDF_Reader/) – (Rating – 3/5) Foxit Reader is a substitute for Adobe Reader, in the sense that both can only read/edit PDF documents. Foxit Reader enables easier highlighting, bookmarking etc. apart from text-editing. It’s also lighter in terms of resource usage.

I have been using each of the 5 Free Ebook Readers for the past several years side-by-side, and would recommend you do the same instead of using any of them exclusively. The Ratings are based on overall usefulness and convenience for multiple formats. Let us know which readers you have used, what you think of them and which ones you would recommend to our readers via comments below.

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