Recent Technology News – Samsung’s 275 ppi Green Panels

Samsung’s 13.3-inch, 275 ppi, 3,200 x 1,800 LCD Green Panels to be shipped in weeks


Samsung’s much awaited enchanting Retina quality LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) panels are slated to be available on notebook PCs as well as desktop computers in a matter of weeks! In its recent launch event, the technology giant offered a demo of the amazing 13.3 inch, 3200 pixel x 1600 pixel and 275 ppi (pixels per inch) LCD panel connected to a desktop PC.

(Look below for the math regarding screen display quality)

With pictures and videos displayed as good as seen with your naked eye, Samsung’s latest panels will strongly rival Apple’s Retina Display so far as display quality is concerned. Crispness, detail and “realness” of the screens will enable all devices equipped with these panels to maximize the effect of HD media like movies and decorative displays. Since the resolution is extremely high, the size of icons and text can be reduced to miniscule proportions, making the screen capable of containing a lot more information.

In a single blow, Samsung has reduced the advantage of LED panels over LCDs while forging ahead in the LCD market, by fixing up its prototype Green Panels to consume only 70% of the electrical power consumed by the preceding LCD screens. As we have already seen with the flexible LG display screens, these Samsung panels are expected to become hot sellers as soon as they hit the markets in a few weeks. Moreover, larger displays of 14” and 15.6” are in the pipeline, and should help Samsung surge ahead in the coming months. While the panels might not be available on Samsung notebooks to begin with, you could find them on others.

Let’s take a look at the Math used in calculating the display quality of digital LCD screens:

Ratio of length and width of screen = 3200/1800 = 16 : 9 for widescreen display.

Also, the number specified : 13.3 inches is the length of the diagonal.

For length = 16 and width = 9, diagonal = d :

Using Pythagoras Theorem d2 = 162 + 92

So, d = 18.358

So, length / d = 0.872, length = 0.872 * 13.3 inches = 11.6 inches

So, for length, quality = 3200 / 11.6 ~ 275 ppi.

Width = 13.3 * 9/18.358 inches = 6.52 inches

So, quality = 1800/6.52 ppi ~ 275 ppi

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