BodyGard Emergency Tool Review: Lifesaving?

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Disclaimer: The BodyGard 5 in 1 Emergency Tool was provided to us by in order to test out the product’s capabilities.  The views expressed in this review are mine and mine alone.

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The BodyGard 5 in 1 Emergency Tool is a device that is meant to save your life in car accident or even walking the dark streets. It comes with features like a glass breaker powered by a spring mechanism, a seatbelt cutter (not very keen on it, more on that later), two types of flashlights, and a sonic alarm. As an all in one safety device it measures up alright. If there is something that truly makes this item worth its weight in gold is the glass breaker – the other features, not so much. If you wish to find out more feel free to watch the video review above or read the written review below.

Shattered to pieces!

Glass Breaker
What can I say? The BodyGard’s glass breaker shatters glass like nothing. It is astounding how a small device can utilize the laws of physics so well, pinpoint pressure in one precise location, and cause a chain reaction with one effective little tap. I feel confident enough in the glass breaker to give it the label of a lifesaver. SwissTech made a solid effort on that one.

Seatbelt Cutter
This is where the BodyGard falls woefully short. In infomercials the BodyGard is shown to cut through seatbelts with the greatest of ease. I tried everything imaginable and I re-read the simple directions ample amount of times. Perhaps there is major user error on my part but it took me 11 attempts to make it work. Even when I did finally cut through, it was a huge struggle to do so. I did not appreciate this feature of the BodyGard at all.

I can read that.

Flashlight and Distress Lights
These were pretty powerful on the BodyGard. They were bright enough for me to read teeny tiny directions in a pitch black room. I could also verify being able to see them at a distance of 15 feet away. However, it is hard to say if passing cars will ever be that close by. Once again though, this may be a limitation on my part as I could not test it further away, and it is best to verify by yourself if the light is strong enough.

Sonic Alarm
The alarm on the BodyGard packs a pretty mean screech. It definitely popped out my ear a little but it was not as loud as I hoped it to be. When comparing it to a very high decibel whistle I had, the whistle outperformed it all the way. Still, you are not always lucky enough to be able to blow a whistle, and all you have to do with the BodyGard is press a single button. Be sure to hold the button for a few seconds to turn it back off or else the device will merrily keep wailing away.

Do I think the BodyGard is a lifesaving device? I certainly do without any reservation. Do I think it is the only device you should pack in your car – absolutely without a doubt no. The seatbelt cutter is woefully inadequate and if someone is struggling with it, they may end up wasting precious seconds rather than come closer to escaping their car. The BodyGard’s other features such as the lights and the sonic alarm make up for the lack of the seatbelt cutter. Also, there is no denying how effective the glass breaker is…my goodness!

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.