Offers 50GB of Free Storage for LG and Sony Xperia Phones

Box, one of the leading cloud content application provider, that helps users to securely share and store all their files on-the-go, announced that it would offer free 50GB of data storage to all the customers using LG and Sony Xperia Android smartphones. The offer will be valid for all the customers who have signed up to Box from their Android devices, between the period of November 30th 2011 and March 31st 2012.

“Android mobile adoption is growing at an unprecedented rate and by working with LG, we are bringing the full power of the cloud to those users,” said Aaron Levie, co-founder and CEO of Box. “To take full advantage of mobile computing, it is essential that users never have to worry about storage limitations, and we believe that LG’s efforts combined with the capabilities of Box will be a turning point for both the mobile device and cloud storage categories.”

Android mobile manufacturers such as LG and Sony Ericsson have joined with Box to provide its customers with better storage facilities, which includes free cloud storage space to share, view, access and secure data with file-level encryption. The new joint venture was taken up to give a stable solution to mobility devices and help boost the number of Android smartphone sales.

“With 50GB of free cloud storage from Box combined with world-class LG Android mobile devices, LG users are provided with cloud computing capabilities to support secure content management, collaboration and productivity on the move,” said Ki S. Kim, corporate vice president and head of Global Enterprise Mobility Solutions (B2B) at LG Electronics. “We will continue to set the standard in the enterprise mobility space by introducing innovative, cutting-edge solutions to enhance the mobile experience of enterprise users.”

The Box for Android 50GB promotion is applicable on mobile devices running on Android OS 2.1 or above with display resolution 320×480 or higher. The offer is currently available in U.S.

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