“Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team” Celebrates 35 Million Downloads Worldwide!

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TOKYOMarch 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — KLab Inc., a leader in online mobile games, announced that the Japanese and global versions of Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team have reached a combined 35 million downloads worldwide.* To celebrate this milestone, the 35 Million Downloads Worldwide Campaign will kick off Friday, March 12 in the Japanese and global versions of the game. See the original press release (https://www.klab.com/en/press/release/2021/0312/ctdt_35ml.html) and in-game announcements for more details.

*Total includes players who have downloaded the game more than once.

35 Million Downloads Worldwide Campaign

The 35 Million Downloads Worldwide campaign will include multiple events where players can receive fantastic rewards such as Dreamballs, Black Ball (SSR)s, and more from daily scenarios, missions, and login bonuses. There will also be multiple new Transfers available including a special Daily Free 10-Player Transfer and Dream Pot Transfer.

New Players Taro Misaki (All Japan JY), Louis Napoleon (France JY), and Elle Sid Pierre (France JY) will debut in their respective Transfers. They will have Lv.10  Main Special Skills, and the background will feature special locales in Paris where the players are casually dressed. Fans will not want to miss out on this special campaign.

About Captain Tsubasa

Created by Yoichi Takahashi, Captain Tsubasa is a Japanese manga that centers on the sport of football. Since premiering in Shueisha’s landmark manga anthology Weekly Shonen Jump in 1981, the series has grown into a legend that has inspired and delighted countless football fans around the world for decades. Its popularity extends beyond borders, having been translated and published around the world in 20 languages, finding fans and winning the hearts of football lovers around the globe.

Overview of Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team


Captain Tsubasa: Dream Team

Supported OSes:                               

Android™ 4.4+, iOS 10.0+

* Not available on some devices.


Head-to-head football simulation game


Free-to-play (In-app purchases available)

Supported Regions:                         

Global (Excludes Japan, Mainland China,
and South Korea)

Official Website:                                


Official Twitter Account:                 


Official Facebook Page:                  


Official YouTube Channel:      



©Yoichi Takahashi/SHUEISHA

© KLabGames

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.