Car Tech Today: More Distraction Dangers Ahead

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Car Tech Today

Once upon a time we thought of car tech being the mechanics in the vehicle.  The motor under the hood, the suspension, and maybe even outside to the tires the care is riding on.  How much horse power and foot pounds of torque, how big is the motor supplying the power, and how fast can it go.  Much of that is still true but tech is taking on more meaning.

Current in car tech includes, functional from the driver’s seat, the stereo system, comes when you buy, but also fill fledged GPS.  That map in the glove box stays in the glove box.  When you travel and rent a car many times there is GPS in the car, or at least they offer it to you as an extra, for a fee.  Backup cameras you can see either in the head unit screen or in the review mirror to be sure you aren’t running anyone or anything over.  Many cars you can buy from the factory or add later a complete DVD system for entertainment.  Many have added gaming systems to play games using that video system going into many cars. Head units, stereo in the dash, many times has the ability to play DVDs (I don’t think this was a good idea, people have trouble driving enough without watching a movie while driving) along with the GPS, or even internet access.

Imagine reading an email while driving on a 7 inch screen in the dash of your car?  Better than a phone? Scary really. Other options are connecting your cell phone to the car to be hands free and carry on those important conversations while you are keeping both hands on the wheel. in my eyes far better than speaker phone or headphones.  Less goofy looking than those Bluetooth headsets people wear in and out of their cars.  Well maybe less goofy. Have you ever watched someone in a very, outside looking in, intense conversation with their car?  Many times this is even more funny than the person singing in their car.  Sometimes I can’t tell the difference between talking and singing in all honesty.  I can buy a car that will parallel park, pretty much by itself.  I can’t say I have one or driven one, yet.  But as I understand it you put it into position, hit the park button and put it in reverse, then hands off.  Once it gets to a certain position it alerts you to put in drive, maybe reverse one more time and then you are parked.  In the same vein as the auto-park feature I can buy a car that will apply break in the event I do not apply them quickly enough, up to actually stopping the car.  Sounds like not all models are the same but the tech is getting better every year.

All of this tech is pretty cool but some of the tech is pretty scary.  More distractions in the car cannot be a good thing for many drivers.  Some of this tech will help many focus on the road while still accomplishing other things.  I personally use the hands free via Bluetooth paired phone.  Sometime I even stream music/podcasts via Bluetooth from my phone or tablet.  I do have a backup camera in the rearview mirror, wife has it in the head unit, jealous but that is an entirely different conversation.


Should I write about future tech of cars?  Car tech tomorrow? Tomorrow?

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.