After Effects: VFX At Your Finger Tips


After Effects is quite a renowned piece of software in the video industry and rightly so. It’s ability to allow the user to create literally what ever they want is always going to be a strong selling point regardless of name or brand and after effects literally rocks at it’s game, now for a beginner this piece of kit can look very foreign and I’m not surprised even though it’s nice looks do help to mask the amount of advanced features. For beginners after effects can be a nightmare yet a joy as it provides some great features for newbies, like for instance using masks to create unique shapes as well as some pretty awesome text effects; These can really separate good videos from bad videos and not only that but can really help getting a job in certain areas as After Effects is regarded as a professional piece of software used by many renowned companies.


A great thing about after effects though is the sheer amount of different things you can use it for; there’s special effects, movie editing, image creation, typography, music visualization, intro videos, lyric videos and the list goes on. These different aspects are so versatile that there are many companies in almost different fields that still use After Effects due to how good it can be and of course when you get different uses there is one feature that helps you diversify your project and I would easily say that it’s After Effects best feature. This feature is a main use and it allows people to go more in depth and specialized with the certain aspects of AE and this is plugins.


Plugins allow the user to one up the competition and there are a whole host of plugins to choose from. Of course you will always see the more renowned plugins such as Trapcode, Plexus, Magic Bullet Looks and Element 3D but there are many more that allow you to change various things like compression types, opacity filters etcetera. So if your looking for something to do in your spare time and making cool videos is an interest, then hop onboard the After Effects Express and get creating as there is a whole world out there eager to see your creations. If you’re interested you can check out my vfx youtube channel where in the coming weeks and months I’ll be adding tutorials, intros and music visualizers so don’t miss it!

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