Comparing EasyAzon WordPress Plugin

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

You have seen many other bloggers pushing the WordPress EasyAzon plugin as being the best way to increase Amazon affiliate sales for your WordPress blog right?  But, I took the time to directly compare EasyAzon to several other free WordPress plugins and give you the skinny on whether parting with your hard earned $37 dollars is worth it.  Yes the price is $37 dollars, just go to the link and try to close the site and you will get $10 off so you don’t have to pay full $47 dollar price.

So here is my assessment on the pros and cons of EasyAzon and whether or not I think the plugin is worth your money.

What Does EasyAzon WordPress Plugin Do For You?

EasyAzon is a plugin you install in WordPress that adds new options in your WordPress dashboard that allows you to insert Amazon affiliate links, images or info blocks (which are product with summary).

When you go into your WordPress Edit post and search for an item or ASIN # you get a list of choices returned that you can select.


This was results of a search of Diablo 3 in EasyAzon

Now you can actually find and accomplish exactly what you see here by using two other free WordPress plugins and these are Affiliate Easel for Amazon and WordPress Amazon Associate however none of those plugins give you some of the advanced options you see below.


Link Localization isn’t even an option in Affiliate Easel for Amazon even though that free plugin has a feature called “related links” which EasyAzon doesn’t and displays related items to the product listed for an additional chance to capture interest.

WordPress Amazon Associate and Affiliate Easel for Amazon both lack the ability to do link Cloaking which hides the Amazon affiliate link behind a redirect to a URI on your own site.  This hides the obvious affiliate link from search engine bots and users who hover over links and can help incite an extra click or avoid a penalty.  The extra advantage of being able to nofollow your affiliate links and popup them up in a new window without replacing your existing page is also available in all three plugins.

EasyAzon however is the only plugin of these other two that allows you to insert just an image and link it to the sale.  This allows you to find any image related to your post topic and it be a link to a product sold on Amazon.  This can set an Amazon cookie for curious clickers who don’t even buy anything right then and there but may buy something later and you still get the benefit of the affiliate cookie being set.

WordPress Amazon Affiliate does carousel’s better but the blocks are more “ad like” EasyAzon is the only one that allows you to leverage images as Amazon affiliate links without looking like they are selling a product.  Sure, you could do all this manually by looking up an product and manually linking the image, but EasyAzon saves so much time by letting you search and insert products instantly.

The geo-localization is also a huge bonus, this allows you to set an Amazon associate ID for the major geographic sites of Amazon and direct local users to the Amazon store in their own country.  This increases the amount of money you could earn by making sure they are always going to the product link in the store in their own country.  Right now there are a limited number of countries supported, but those include UK, Canada, Germany and France.  WordPress Amazon Associate also supports Japan, China and Italy so if you need geo localization to those countries then WordPress Amazon Associate is a better choice right now.

Again, WordPress Amazon Associate which is the #1 free popular Amazon Affiliate WordPress plugin does great with widgets, carousels but does not support the cloaking or nofollow. Also, when using the WordPress Amazon Associate plugin it pops up a very ugly and much slower interface to finding products.


WordPress Amazon Associate Popup

Granted they give you some extra settings but I could place 2-3 links and images in a post with EasyAzon in the time it takes to put one Amazon affiliate link with WordPress Amazon Associate.

Feature Improvements

I contacted the developers of EasyAzon who are hard working on version 2.0 which will have more features.

Now, EasyAzon is ideal for putting individual links, images, and product info boxes inside a post.

I still think if you want to build an Amazon Store inside your site with custom search and product listings, Affiliate Easel for Amazon is the most advantageous to do this.  I wrote 2 articles on building an Amazon Store in WordPress that outline how to do this.

I would however leverage both plugins as Affiliate Easel for Amazon is ideal for only product info sections, it can’t insert just an image linking to the Amazon affiliate product without making global settings changes or having to remember shortcode to turn off all the additional data.

In summary I think EasyAzon is worth the $37 dollars (remember to click cancel or leave page to get $10 discount) and if you want to augment your earnings from your WordPress blog with Amazon affiliate income then this plugin will definitely help you accomplish this.

Remember: Google AdSense can ban blogs and sites at any time and without warning it is good to have a backup plan and Amazon affiliate is a good way to put in an extra source of income for blogs relying on only 1 CPC mechanism or CPM mechanism to earn money.

I could have gotten the EasyAzon post up for my readers before many of my competitors folks, but I wanted to test 3-5 other WordPress plugins that were free and make sure this plugin was worth your hard earned money.  It would take 2-3 free WordPress plugins to give you most of the functionality of EasyAzon for WordPress and even then you get some features in EasyAzon you don’t get with other free plugins.

Here are all the plugins I reviewed and compared to EasyAzon

  • Affiliate Easel for Amazon
  • WordPress Amazon Associate
  • Amazon Product in a Post Plugin
  • Amazon Link
  • Amazon Tools
  • Amazon Post Purchase

EasyAzon offers more functionality and is easier to use than all of these plugins individually in my opinion.

EasyAzon has a 60 day money back guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the plugin and think it is worth the money, you will receive a full refund.  So what are you waiting for?  Give it a try.

-Dragon Blogger

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.