Conquer Distances with Ease: Discover Aipas Electric Bikes

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Looking for a high-quality electric bike to move through the streets of your city without polluting the environment?

Electric bicycles are the perfect replacement for traditional bicycles. With an electric bike you can travel long distances without fatiguing your body, so if you are looking for an environmentally friendly means of transportation then an electric bike could be your best option. It is important to note that not all bikes offer the same performance, the brushless motor and the rechargeable battery are responsible for allowing you to ride at a higher speed and for longer.

The Aipas electric bikes are a great option to consider if you want to get the best value for money. Right now, Aipas has 3 models of electric bikes available on its website. Each of these bikes offers you incredible performance, but the main difference will be the power of the brushless motor. Best of all, we have a discount code of 5% if you choose any of these electric bikes, so, at the end of this article find the discount code and the direct link to the Aipas page. Next, discover which models of electric bicycles Aipas has available now.

This is Aipas’ most affordable bike, but it gives you just as efficient performance as the bikes I’ll mention later. The Aipas A2 is a folding bike with a 750W brushless motor, this means you can reach a top speed of up to 28mph, which is much better than other brands with similar prices (some even offer these features for a higher price). The 48V battery allows you to drive the electric bike for up to 48 miles (depending on whether you choose pedal assist or pure electric mode). All electrical components are protected with an IP-65 rating, which means they can withstand rain and dust. Of course, it’s equipped with wide rims and disc brakes on both wheels so you can drive safely.

This is another amazing Aipas electric bike. With a 750W rear hub motor, the Aipas A6-S Cargo gives you incredible power for long trips. It is ideal for going to work, shopping, or having fun exploring new places. The engine gives you enough power to reach top speeds of up to 28mph, allowing you to quickly navigate the streets of your city. The 48V lithium battery guarantees a range of up to 45 miles on a single charge. Despite having a compact design, the Aipas A6-S Cargo electric bike can withstand a maximum load of 450 pounds. An LCD screen shows you important information about the remaining battery, speed, and distance traveled. Like any product designed and manufactured by Aipas, the best safety technology is included in this electric bike.

The Aipas A6-D is similar to the A6-S model, but the main difference is that it uses a 1300W peak hub motor, which means that maintaining higher speeds will be much easier even during inclines. The engine isn’t the only improvement of the AS-D model, two dual batteries are included meaning you can get a much longer trip of 60-140 miles on a single charge. Please note that the distance will depend on the weight of the rider and the mode you use (pedal assist or pure electric mode). Remember that the best components are included in this electric bike, so you can ride comfortably while increasing safety.

All these e-bikes come with a one-year warranty and personalized service. If you are interested in getting one of these amazing e-bikes, we have a 5% discount when using the code dragonblogger.

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.