Control uTorrent from anywhere using uTorrent remote

Want to control the downloads on your ever running PC with a swipe on your smart phone or from another computer ? The uTorrent guys have come up with uTorrent remote to do just that !

After initially setting up uTorrent remote , it can be accessed from a web browser easily , it works in Mobile devices also (there is even an Android app for it).

Setting up uTorrent Remote.

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of uTorrent by hitting the Help > Check for Updates option.
  2. Now open up uTorrent settings located at Options > Preferences (Ctrl+p)
    utorrent remote
  3. Enable uTorrent remote and set an computer name and password and also an security question.
  4. That is all the configuration needed , now visit in a computer , iPhone or in an Android phone using the app (Android market – uTorrent remote )
  5. Here is an screenshot of the WebUI from a PC.
    utorrent webui pc
  6. The Android and iPad versions.
    iphone utorrent

Logging WebUI requests for security

Switch to the Logger tab and then in verbose logging , select  WebUI requests .
log webui req utorrent

uTorrent plus is gonna be released soon and this feature might become a premium one so watch out !

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