Correct Single Channel Audio Playback Using VLC Player

In some movies, audio and video files, due to an error in recording or transferring data, the sound is audible only from one of the channels (right or left). This is a very serious issue whether you are using headphones, earphones or speakers, since a single sided audio playback is very irritating and impossible to enjoy.

Fortunately, in several media player programs like VLC Media Player there is a provision to select the particular channel (right or left) which you want to playback. Suppose originally the sound is audible only through the left earphone/headphone or speaker. If you select the left channel as the audio playback source, the same sound will now be audible through both channels.

The process to select the channel is very simple:

  1. Open the media file – movie, audio or video – with VLC media player.
  2. Right-click within the window of the VLC media player
  3. Go to – Audio > Audio Channels > Left

That’s all!

Now while VLC Player has one disadvantage, in taking too long to build the font cache before playback, it has two distinct advantages:

  • The capability of Boosting the Audio Volume of most movies, videos and songs to 400%
  • In-built Support for Multiple File Formats

Please share your experience with other media players and why they have a distinct edge over others.

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