Crave Dual Guard Case: Ultimate Protection for Pixel 7 Pro with Wireless Charging Compatibility

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The Google Pixel 7 Pro is still one of the best phones of the moment, despite the fact that the Pixel 8 was launched a few months ago. To be honest, there isn’t much reason to switch towards the Pixel 8, especially when you consider that the Pixel 7 Pro is a high-end designed to deliver incredible performance in both camera quality and app execution.

Now, I’m sure that if you have a Google Pixel 7 Pro you’re looking to protect it with the best case in the world. If this is your thought, you probably want to know more about Crave, which is a brand specializing in cell phone cases. Unlike generic brands, Crave has designed its cases with long study processes, which allows each case to be capable of strong impacts, thus reducing the possibility of the phone suffering any damage.

Why do Crave cases offer greater protection?

This is a great question since most people think that all cases are almost the same. Crave uses a dual-layer TPU/PC design, which basically translates to increased absorption in case your Pixel 7 Pro suffers a drop. By using a double-layer design, the final impact will be further absorbed by the sleeve, thus avoiding potentially costly damage.

Another cool feature of the Crave case is the ability to take advantage of wireless charging without removing it from the Pixel 7 Pro. While it may seem like a basic feature, you’d be surprised to know that most cases don’t offer it, so it’s more common for users to need to remove the cases, which is honestly impractical and can even cause an accidental slip while trying to remove the case.

The Crave Dual Guard case not only offers enhanced protection thanks to its dual-layer design, but also better performance when interacting with the Pixel 7 Pro’s side buttons. Each keystroke will be precise to ensure comfort while prioritizing the protection of your device.

Looking for a specific color? We all have different tastes, so the Crave Dual Guard case is available in 9 different colors ranging from light shades to darker shades. As if that were not enough, Crave is going one step further by offering more than a high-quality case, as its commitment is to offer the greatest confidence to its customers. That’s why they include an unlimited lifetime warranty when you buy this case on Amazon.

It’s important to note that while the Pixel 7 is a similar device in size, this case will only work on the Pixel 7 Pro model.

In conclusion

If you’re looking to increase the protection of your Pixel 7 Pro, then the Crave Dual Guard case is a great option to consider. It offers multiple security enhancements to protect every part of your phone, preventing potentially costly damage. Best of all, it also offers the possibility of using wireless charging without removing the case. Without a doubt, you get what you pay for, plus a lifetime warranty.

You can buy it here on Amazon

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.