Downloadable Vs. No Download Slot Games

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The legend says that long time ago people had to leave their homes searching for fun, company, even gambling. Imagine, in those primitive times, some people could even go miles away to Vegas, feel the thrill of casinos, see the lights of the city and enjoy many entertaining options it has to offer. Yes, some people did not have the privileges that we have nowadays. The games have evolved over the ages and brought Vegas to our homes, to the comfort of our chairs and the screens of our computers.

Then, the most amazing thing happened – we started carrying it with us, wherever we go, in our smartphones or other smart devices. Vegas is everywhere, and any place could be Vegas. Slot machines have been advanced from mechanical reel machines to wondrous digital slots, with thousands of themes, variations, and pay-lines. And the Random Number Generators make sure that every spin of the reels is distinct and totally unrelated to the previous.

The only thing left to decide is whether the downloadable casino games are the past and completely replaced by the jackpot slots with free attempts with no download or they are still worth playing?

Pros And Cons

Downloadable slots

The first thought I am getting when thinking “download this in order to play that” is “hell no!”, downloading stuff from unreliable sources to my computer can be very dangerous. Too many viruses, hackers, and my valuable information is out there so that I could be so reckless and just download anything at request, without checking it out first. This requires some time for those sources to be checked. And, as we all already know, time is money, so it appears I have some extra expenses.

Then it usually includes installing some bulky software and, if using multiple devices, you will have to repeat the process on each of them separately.

This also takes up some of your device memory. For many Linux and Mac users, downloadable games are incompatible.

Also, these versions of slots often need updates and maintenance. All this can be a little intimidating and time consuming if all you wanted is a quick pastime.

On the other hand, downloadable games are known to be better in graphics and audio aspect, they should run better and faster too. In the casinos which offer both versions, it is always better to choose to download as you will have greater games selection and better gameplay quality than the instant versions.

Instant Play Slot Machines

Most of online casinos today offer to download free slot machines that are friendly to any of following operating systems:

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac
  • Android

This is possible thanks to HTML5 technology and more sophisticated browsers than ever. The pokies are played in the browser, with no need for any kind of extra software, no space usage or high configuration requirements. Regarding the technological advance, these games look better than ever, with incredible graphics and animations, followed by the sound that fits the theme. The absence of massive downloads also gives the player the possibility to play on any device he chooses or anywhere on the go. All one needs is a stable internet connection.

Another great advantage is playing for real money. There is no true sensation of gambling without some real stakes on the table. The real excitement starts there, and the possibility of some big wins cannot be ignored. The online slots are often followed by progressive jackpots which get bigger with every lost round by any player connected to the same site you are playing on.

Considering all this, the no download slots are available to the gambler at the moment, so they spare time for playing. The downside of these games is that, in case of gambling for real money, the player has to log in to the site, leaving all his personal data, including card number for funding his profile. This should not be a problem if you choose reliable casinos, with good data protection.

The Last, but Not the Least

Which of these two kinds to choose depends on the expectations you have on the game. The no download versions are suitable for newbies because they can be played in the free mode, no registration required, so if you are new in the slots world, you can try different kinds and themes of slots and decide which fit you best. The downloadable slots are, maybe, more for an experienced player. In each case, if the bettor wants some real money cash outs, to get in touch with the gambling society and get the genuine feeling of gambling, he should undoubtedly go online.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.