Movie Review: In The Electric Mist (2009)


As a Tommy Lee Jones fan I decided to rent this movie and see what it is all about, the movie follows the detective Dave Robicheaux played by “Tommy Lee Jones” as he investigates recent killings of “working girls’ in Louisiana. The movie is based on the book In the Electric Mist with Confederate Dead and after watching the film and then reading some other reviews on it, I realize the film does leave out several parts that are supposedly better explained in the book.

John Goodman plays a thoroughly disturbing role as the pimp Julie ‘Baby Feet’ Balboni, and he plays this character so well that the viewers will seethe with hatred for the character, as does Peter Sarsgaard as Elrod Sykes an actor who has drinking troubles and comes to rely on Dave for assistance and eventually to help him with sobriety.

The movie follows an intricate crime plot as somebody is killing girls who worked for or are associated with Baby Feet, the interesting aspect of the movie is the ghost of Confederate General John Bell Hood who is an idolized historical figure for Dave comes to him several times in the film to help provide guidance. We also learn that Elrod Sykes also saw the Confederate General at some point in the film, so we don’t know if the General is a ghost or a figment of their imagination.

The movie was good and Tommy Lee Jones does a fantastic job, the film plays with a little bit of a slow pace, and Dave’s methods of interrogating suspects is a little controversial but it further shows that not everyone on the side of the law is so black or white, there are shades of grey in how people handle things.

[xrr label= “In The Electric Mist rating” rating=3.5/5]

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