Unboxing and Review of the DresKar Electric Longboard

Nate unboxes, adjusts and then tests the DresKar Electric Skateboard Longboard which has a 7 Layer Maple Deck and supports up to 286 pounds. The DresKar Electric Skateboard has 900W dual brushless hub motors and you get 3 speed levels which include low(9.3mph), Medium(15.6mph), and High(25mph). 25% degree max incline angle for climbing is what the product states, though incline testing wasn’t done for the review.

Note: Please wear safety gear at least if you plan to use medium and high including helmet, elbow and knee pads, 25mph is very fast on a skateboard.

The DresKar Skateboard battery is 36V and has 4000mAh Li-Ion capacity which has enough power for you to travel 12.5 miles between charging. The board reeks of high quality design and the DresKar FT002 electric skateboard deck is made of Maple Wood and Bamboo. The remote is also very easy to use, and you get a 1 year warranty and support from DresKar.

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