Drivepop Cloud Backup Review and Giveaway

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.

Recently the creators of Drivepop cloud hosting wanted us to review their cloud backup offering and showcase it to readers as well as give away 5 free unlimited lifetime backup plans.  First we will talk about the basics of a cloud backup service what it is for and why you would want to use one, this also will discuss what makes it different than Dropbox and other services and why you will want to use it.


What is Drivepop?

Drivepop is a cloud storage service that if about backing up your computer files pure and simple, this service will automatically scan and perform routine backups of all files you specify on your computer to the cloud.   Drivepop uses the Livedrive cloud backup service, Livedrive is one of the largest cloud backup providers and has been in use for years.

Now, if you are curious I recommend you go to Drivepop and sign up for the free trial program, this offers you 512GB of storage, unlimited bandwidth, file versioning (up to 30 files) app access and more.   After your 14 day free trial the plan is only .99 cents per month, that’s right, .99 per month and this gives you unlimited cloud storage!  You won’t find unlimited storage space for that price.

When you first sign up for Drivepop you will get an installer file for Livedrive, you download it and start your Livedrive installation and configuration.


As part of the installation you choose which initial folders you want to backup, these will be scanned and automatically backed up to your Drivepop Livedrive space.  After the Drivepop Livedrive is installed you will see the livedrive icon in your Windows system icons area on the bottom right of your task bar.


From here you can right click on it and manage your backups to get more granular in what you backup, or simply update it with new folders.


Under the manage backups you can also click on the settings and set your schedule, which is the time frame that Livedrive will scan for files and upload/back them up to your Livedrive cloud backup provided by Drivepop.


I set mine so that it only did the copies/sync between 12am and 5am every night, this way it wouldn’t be using my bandwidth uploading files during my normal working hours.  If you want things to sync right away, you can select “real time backup” but if you are constantly creating new content files or updating files you will always have the upload going on in the background.  I use MagicJack on my computer which uses VOIP through the USB, so to keep any potential interference off I have my backup sync happening on non-usage times.

Overall my initial backup took a few hours, but much less than you would expect considering I backed up 9.21GB of data which included 78,554 files and 4,232 folders to my Drivepop Livedrive cloud.


If you aren’t using a cloud backup service to keep your content stored in an additional location in case of emergency,then you should be.  Drivepop offers a fantastic cloud backup offering at a price that is unbeatable.  Seriously, even if you didn’t win one of the 5 unlimited licenses you can get unlimited backup space for .99 per month, or unlimited backup for your entire household worth of computers for less than $5 per month, this is a fantastic deal and worth taking advantage of.

Enter to win DrivePop Lifetime Unlimited Backup

That’s right, DrivePop is giving 5 Dragon Blogger fans a chance to win unlimited cloud backup for up to 5 PCs, this isn’t just 1 year, this is a lifetime unlimited backup account.  If you want to backup 1TB of data on 3 PCs you are covered with this unlimited backup account.

Enter using the Giveaway Tools widget below, remember you can gain up to 50 bonus entries by leveraging the referral feature so enter, share and good luck to all who enter.

We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.