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The Edifier R1280t Bookshelf Speakers significantly surpassed what I expected of them. For $100 you get truly great sound quality, build, and design. I mean, really good. Let’s go ahead and talk about what makes these speakers so good anyways! Check out our unboxing and test first!


So, now the written review

Edifier R1280t Sound:

This isn’t anything to take lightly when purchasing speakers. I mean, after all, speakers make sound. We want the sound to be good. Well the sound on these speakers aren’t good, they’re great. Most speakers that I’ve heard in this price range (100 bucks) usually have some sort of downfall to them. Nope, not the Edifier R1280t. Allow me to elaborate:

  • Highs
    Something I always talk about is that I hate when speakers distort at loud volumes. They always do, except with the R1280t’s.
    At loud volumes, sound quality is not compromised. Period.
  • Mids:
    Vocals and instruments. Clear as day. You can not get more specific than that.
    The voices sound clear and you can distinguish lyrics and other sounds on this level great.
  • Lows:
    The bass on these isn’t the type of bass that most people want. Ya know, the shattering, booming, and obnoxious bass.
    No, the base on this audio system is balance and compliments the highs so smoothly. Don’t get me wrong, though.
    The bass definitely packs a good punch, but it isn’t annoyingly heavy. Take my word on it?

Edifier R1280t Design: 

-My favorite thing about these speakers, surprisingly, isn’t the sound quality. Nope, it’s the sleek design.
These speakers, to me, epitomize the classic speaker look while still maintaining a fresh sense of modern design.
On the sides, they have the wooden look which has a slight shine on it. On top, you’ll see a slate gray that is super-sexy.
The front has a mesh cover with a sharp looking metal accent running through the middle with “Edifier” logo’d on the bottom.
The mesh cover is removable in order so you can expose the actual speaker system, which looks absolutely sick.
Check out the images below:

Sexy, right?
Edifier R1280t Specs:

Alright, so let’s talk about the specifics of these speakers quickly. Here is a bullet list of some certain specs:

  • Weight – 10.8lbs.
  • Peak RMS –42w
  • Dimensions – 9.45 x 6.89 x 5.71 in
  • Inputs – 2 sets of RCA input, works simultaneously
  • Control – Can control treble/bass from -6dB to +6dB
  • What comes in the box – 
  • 8′ standard speaker cable
  • 4′ RCA to RCA cable
  • 4′ AUX (3.5mm) to RCA cable

Alright guys, that pretty much wraps it up. Be sure to check out the test video and unboxing video at the top of the page for more info!
Let us know what you think, peace out!

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