Enter to Win a Sixty Dollar Steam Gift Card

Steam Gift cards are very popular items to giveaway on this blog because they are so versatile in that the winner can buy whichever game they want, or even some software/movie titles from Steam.  So the last $60 Steam Gift Card giveaway was very popular, popular enough that Iggy from ThisBytesForYou has teamed up once again to sponsor another Steam gift card giveaway.  The rules are virtually the same as last time.

This giveaway is International, and even if you don’t use Steam you can enter this giveaway because I will substitute the prize for a $60 PayPal payment, or I would buy you any game that is $60 or less either a digital copy or physical copy from any store where the cost doesn’t exceed $60 USD.    Don’t forget to make sure that contactme@dragonblogger.com is a trusted email in your address book because the winner will be notified via an email, and if you don’t receive that email and claim the prize within 72 hours another winner will be chosen.

Enter to Win a $60 Steam Gift Card

60 Dollar Steam Gift Card Giveaway

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