Esorun MyKey Mini USB Review

The Esorun MyKey is a fairly straightforward product. It’s a mini USB cable that is designed to be on a keychain. I believe there is also one for the newer iPhone. This is a very convenient cable that appears to be geared more towards travel than practical use. It comes in a variety of colors, so even though I just so happen to have one in pink, there are other options.


While it is very convenient, the product itself is very small. It doesn’t make it very practical if you like to have your device on you as, in order to charge it, you would need to keep it right on the wall charger. It also doesn’t offer much when attaching it to a laptop or computer. They key-chain part doesn’t fit on my normal key ring, but I’m sure it would fit just fine on a smaller ring.

In short, the Esorun MyKey is a convenient little cable when it comes to travel but its size makes it difficult for regular use. The color options offer a nice customizable option and the key ring is a nice addition, as well.  The price is definitely affordable at only around $8.00. If you’re not a fan of long cables and need something small to travel with, I recommend this product.

While this current product isn’t available on Amazon, it is available on their website. I decided to link a similar product from Amazon.  The link to this particular product is here: though I can’t see that the product is actually for sale anymore, they do have some nice bendy cables on Amazon however but they aren’t the same as the MyKey which I reviewed.

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