Etekcity M910 Vertical Mouse Review

The Etekcity M910 is a vertical scroll mouse with a 60 degree tilt that helps alleviate strain on the wrist and with the combined wrist pad may provide comfort to those who have a hard time holding their hands horizontally over mice for long periods of time.  The mouse features 2400DPI and 9 buttons which are placed in very to access locations including 3 within reach of the thumb.

So how does the mouse hold up after using it to replace my Logitech G602 for a week?  Find out in the video review below.

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The Etekcity M910 felt very comfortable on the hand, the hand was supported at a decent angle and the mouse itself was fine for playing games like Fallout 4, Heroes of the Storm…etc.  I did find the mouse to be a little light despite it’s size but one would presume if you have hand pain or wrist pain then you would want a lighter mouse like this instead of a heavier mouse.

At first I thought the tilt would bother me, but it didn’t and took very little time to get used to.  The wrist pad at the bottom was very comfortable and provided that extra support and lift for my wrist which I really liked.  Overall I found the mouse to be very easy on the hands and wrist and a pleasure to use, the thumb rest and hand overall at rest was very comfortable.  Though this isn’t a 90 degree tilt mouse, some may prefer one that holds your hand completely at a vertical position, this one is perhaps a really good “best of both worlds” functionality.

The palm rest is removable and it is a wireless mouse using a 2.4ghz dongle that plugs into your USB port.  I found the only thing lacking on the mouse was any sort of software to customize the buttons, they are pretty fixed in their function.


The mouse is also very large, probably accommodating large hands better, I tried to have my 9 and 12 year old kids use the mouse just to see how it would work with their hands and it was simply too big to be comfortable for them, their palms (especially 9 year old) have trouble fitting over the mouse so they can hit the buttons.  This makes me wonder if you have really small hands if it will cause any problems with usage, but I didn’t have any issues with it at all.

Though the mouse says it can be a great gaming mouse and I didn’t have any particular issues, I found it to be light and the lack of customizations on the buttons make it more suited to be a standard business mouse, though I was able to game just fine on it, it just wasn’t my favorite mouse for gaming as I have one that has 6 thumb buttons as my standard gaming mouse.  The Etekcity M910 is also jet black with no LED, colors, logo’s or any frills, it could use some LED lighting and be jazzed up a little but overall this is an aesthetic thing.

At the price point the mouse is a very good deal, and you get a decent quality vertical mouse that may be more comfortable on your hand, palm and wrist.





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