Etekcity Voice Recorder Review: A Recorder Without a Voice

Some time back, I received a product in the mail that I was very excited about. It was a USB voice recorder/8 gig flash drive. I got all of 5 minutes of enjoyment out of it.


The first thing I did was read the instructions carefully. I checked to make sure it was charged, and I did my first recording. I plugged the drive into my computer and listened to the sound of my voice, which was amazingly crisp and clear, then disaster.  I heard a loud pop, a puff of smoke and the unit was dead.

We contacted the manufacturer to see about getting a replacement and it looked as if they would send one out, but after nearly one and a half months, I have received nothing in the mail.

It is sad, this product looked like it would be a great one, but with the poor to no customer concern, no replacement product, and no communications from the seller, I have no choice but to highly recommend that you avoid this product at all costs.

If the brand would like this review upgraded from a no star to something more, they have but to send a replacement, with a full explanation as to why they did not feel the need to honor the agreement, and we will remove this review and amend it to reflect a better rating and the products true worth and value.

Until then, this is my opinion and I am sticking to it.

Dragon Bloggers Note:

I have tried numerous times working with Etekcity to get a replacement unit for review and more than 2 months have elapsed without responses, a mistake in where they shipped the replacement to so this review stands.  Had this not been a defective unit, it may have had no issues, but we were not able to verify with a replacement unit.

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