Exploring the Apple Vision Pro: A Revolutionary Spatial Computer Experience

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Apple’s new virtual reality headset is here, or, rather, the new spatial computer, as Apple itself calls it. The Apple Vision Pro has become so popular on social media that you would surely like to know more about everything that this spatial computer can offer users. Are they worth the price?

Well, first, this is definitely not a new technology, but it certainly offers a new perspective and opens up a range of future possibilities with this new technology. The Vision Pro is extremely powerful when it comes to performance, using dual chips to ensure that it can execute all the smart functions in the most optimal way possible, which will be reflected as new apps become compatible with Apple Vision Pro.

Apple integrates the M2 chip as the main chip to take care of the operating system (VisionOS), while the new R1 chip oversees carrying out the tasks of camera and sensor processing. The idea of adding two extraordinarily powerful chips is for the Apple Vision Pro to offer precise performance, but considering the launch price is over $3000 then that’s what we’re supposed to expect.

What’s new is the Vision Pro’s ability to automatically track the image you’re seeing based on your eye movement. This is amazing and is due to the new eye-tracking technology that Apple has incorporated (4 cameras oversee making this possible). Instead of having controllers like the Meta Quest, you’re able to control most of the features using only your eyes and hands. Apple has done a great job in this regard, and the idea of incorporating sensors and cameras everywhere really makes a difference.

As for the battery, a special battery with a similar input to the Lightning is included, but it’s not exactly this. The capacity is 3,166mAh, however, this could confuse people as its capacity is higher if the comparison is made with a cell phone battery, given that the specifications for the battery are 11.3 volts. So, if we make a small comparison with a cell phone battery, then you would get a usage capacity of 9,300mAh. This battery provides a playback time of about 2.5 hours of video. Apple preferred to use an external battery instead of a built-in one to decrease the weight of the Vision Pro (they weigh between 600 and 650 grams).

What can you do with Apple Vision Pro?

1- View a Mac’s screen virtually

According to Apple, Vision Pro makes it easy to create customizable and user-adjustable virtual displays. This allows content to be viewed directly from the glasses, offering a unique experience that can be tailored to individual preferences.

2- Watch live content

With the Apple Vision Pro spatial computer, you’ll be able to watch content on different platforms like YouTube or Twitch. Still, you’ll also be able to watch real-time content, such as soccer, baseball, tennis, and more, with an immersive experience never seen before.

3- Designed for outdoor use

Although videos of people wearing the Vision Pro outdoors have been shared, generating controversy, these glasses are versatile and applicable in various environments. Although they still face challenges in improving their efficiency, their use has sparked a debate about the acceptance of technology to alter everyday reality, a trend that is likely to grow with technological advancement.

There are certainly a lot of features that the Apple Vision Pro can offer, but it’s still too early and we’ll have to wait a few weeks or months to know the true potential. What we can’t deny is that this is a new step towards technology and could encourage new companies to also go down this path. So, we could expect new glasses with designs and functions never seen before. So we can only hope…

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We are influencers and brand affiliates.  This post contains affiliate links, most which go to Amazon and are Geo-Affiliate links to nearest Amazon store.