Facebook Game Train Station Review

This is another Facebook game. and as you can see from my screenshot, I have done a little playing. I have around 6 trains with over 20 cars attached. I have 2 tracks and two streets in my town, and while this game is not the most exciting game I have played in a long while, it isn’t too bad either.


The object as I have seen it so far is to build trains to transport the mail, passengers, and freight around from one place to another. as you play, you will see mail envelopes moving from the bottom of the screen to the top. if you click on it, you will have more mail to carry and deliver. the buildings you buy determine the number of passengers you get to transport, and the places you go determine the cargo you get to collect and transport.


You can “ride” your train and when you do, you will see several things that will show up on the screen to allow you to raise your EX, gain money, or materials. Some buildings and trains require cash, and or some combination of materials and experience. Some can be bought for gems which are a bit slow to replenish.


As you play, you can gain extra bonuses through achievements. Some involve clicking on the mail envelopes you see on the screen, or having a certain number of nails etc. Some are achieved through the adding of trains or the unloading or them.

As you progress, you can get better trains, better backgrounds, buildings, and extras. You can visit your friends stations and unload trains at their place and get surprise packages at the same time.

As I said before, this is not the most exciting game I have ever played, but, I am still hooked. I want to move past the old west and see what is next. I want to grow my town and maybe add more friends to my list of friends who are playing this game. And I am curious. I have always wanted to run a train and playing a game like this does in some part help make the fantasy appear real even if it is on the computer screen.

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