Falling Skies Season 2 Episode 4: Young Bloods Review

Note: Episode review contains minor spoilers.

Who says only adults should have all the Skitter killing fun?    Matt (Maxim Knight), much to the displeasure of his father Tom (Noah Wyle), is up for a bit of Skitter demolition and doesn’t mind acting as live bait.  Meanwhile, Hal (Drew Roy) and Ben (Connor Jessup) conduct their scouting missions and come upon a heavily guarded harness production factory.  What, no line of poor defenseless masses streaming inside?  Looks like the Skitters are becoming even less efficient at dominating the human race, or so it appears…more on that later.  Thanks to a mishap here and there, lo and behold, Captain Weaver (Will Patton) gets reunited with his Lourdes (Seychelle Gabriel).  Ain’t that sweet?

“Young Bloods” was much about the strained relationships between parents and children in post Skitter Earth.  Showing a group of children banding together in the spirit of “Lord of the Flies” – minus the nudity and grotesque violence – was the highlight of the season thus far.  It was excellently backdropped by the Army posters showing a rather young looking person in uniform saluting.  All of these gestures are indicating how the children of Second Mass and other resistance groups can never lead a life as a mere civilian.  They either must become a soldier or face a life as a harnessed slave.

Speaking of harnessing, wow!  For the first time I was sincerely concerned for the welfare of cast in this moment of peril.  Usually, the threat of harm seems to watered down somehow throughout most of the series.  The harnessing plant sent some major chills down my spine.  The ominous red glow pulsating from the chamber and the leech-like spine attachments were majorly unsettling.  The way the Skitters were portrayed as lovingly caressing the kids rather than outright terrorizing them added to the scary quotient big time.

I also was pleased with Captain Weaver’s authority being challenged more significantly for a change.  This time it’s not just the a Second Mass soldier telling him to stand down but his own daughter!  Captain Weaver still seems a tad too infallible to me even after he experienced a burst of rage toward Diego.  Let’s see the bearded man of steel break a bit more.  This guy really needs his “curled up in a ball on the floor” moment…and no I did not consider the ending scene with him as that.

All in all, “Young Bloods” was a significantly better episode of Falling Skies.  The series doesn’t manage to light any fires within me but I am appreciating the steps it is starting to take.

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