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I started doing contests for real with Rafflecopter in 4Q 2011 and have become so hooked on giving away gadgets, software, games and other cool prizes to readers and fans that I am constantly thinking of what to give away next.

It all happened when I gave away the first Kindle Fire, the appreciation and interest in the contestants and how much they were thankful for the chance to win, the gratitude of the winner and people telling their stories on how such a prize would make their spouse, kid, mother…etc so happy.  It was inspiring to know that a simple prize could bring joy to 1 lucky person and might make their month.

It was my way of giving back to the fans and the readers, there is no scam there is no buying in.  I simply give away a gift and the beauty of it all is that continues to grow and get noticed by advertisers and companies.  They are starting to sponsor gifts and I am attracting others sites who see the benefit of the contests in bringing real human followers to their social media accounts and attention to their products.

We have partnered with Kingston Technology, Hauppauge, Techsmith, New Trent and several more.  I am always looking to forge new partnerships with companies and hope to get more technology companies on board as sponsors in the future.

My largest and most successful contest to date so far was the iPad 3rd Generation giveaway with over 41,000 entries (no Apple sponsor for this one).  But I am hoping to reach just as much success with my Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 giveaway which just started 5 days ago as well.

My next contests in the coming months will include a Laptop, Google Nexus 7 tablet and am hoping to have huge giveaway right before the holidays so that all the winners can receive the prizes in early December.

What cool products, gadgets or software do you as my readers want to see more of?  This is your chance to help influence what type of contests I continue to put together and what I may offer in the future.

Currently, don’t forget to enter the Camtasia Studio 8 Giveaway (if you do any sort of blogging, video recording or tutorials this software will benefit you!)

Also we have the Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3 giveaway as well, where the winner chooses which console they want to win.

-Dragon Blogger

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